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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Abnormally Short Head Syndrome

Perhaps you remember awhile back (about a year ago), I knit these two hats.
Nolan for Nellie (link to project page)

Matt's U of AL Beanie (link to project page)

These were intended to be wedding presents for some friends of ours that were getting married in December (which is, to say, this past December). Nellie's was green & gold for her beloved Green Bay Packers and Matt's was red & white for his Crimson Tide (or UW Badgers, you know, whatever).

They were finished, washed, wrapped, and given to the couple as a wedding present.

Never heard anything about them (or the set of pots/pans we got them).

So, when we went back home to Wisconsin in August, we had dinner one night with a bunch of our friends, including Nellie & Matt. I inquired about the hats because, you know, I'm nosy. Turns out the hats were too short. Matt's didn't even come close to covering his ears and Nellie's just barely covered the tops of her ears (though she has significantly more hair than Matt).

I was a bit sad that they couldn't wear them. I had tried both of these hats on myself and they fit me perfectly. Actually, Matt's was a bit too long for my liking but I knew he had a bigger head than I did.

Now I'm wondering if I have what I'm going to call "Abnormally Short Head Syndrome" where I don't need my hats to be as long as normal people. I seem to have this weird thing where I just don't need my hats to be as long as others. The only exceptions are when I made hats for my BIL and his family (their hats all fit perfectly) and when I made my Habitat Hat longer using some modifications...


So, tell any of you have difficulty making your hats either too long or too short? Tell me about it and promise me I'm not weird!


  1. I have a tiny head, if I'm making hats to give away I make my sister try them on because she is a normal sized person. Cassie's head is quite small for her age and baby girl is measuring the same way too, so this family of pea heads says you are quite normal!

  2. I have a small head so hats generally run long and too big for me. Sorry they didn't fit your friends. Well, they'll have kids someday right? The hats should be saved for their kids.

  3. I have never made a hat too long but the remedy for a short hat is re-blocking it (if it's a natural fibre). I'm usually trying the hat on every now and then and comparing my head to the giftee also.