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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Y3: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #35

Happy Sunday :)

It's become quite apparent that I have full-blown BABY BRAIN. Last week, I forgot to add a project in my WIP List and then, even better, I forgot that I had finished said WIP and almost forgot to post about it on Friday.

But, I can remedy all that today. I think. I hope.

Fnished Objects (FOs)   
1. Windschief: started January 3, 2014; finished January 10, 2014     
2. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started January 10, 2014; finished January 11, 2014   
3. Five Hour Baby Sweater: started January 16, 2014; finished January 29, 2014  
4. Baby Surprise Jacket: started May 27, 2013; finished February 2, 2014  
5. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started February 4, 2014; finished February 4, 2014 
6. Milo: started December 25, 2013; finished February 9, 2014
7. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts: started November 23, 2013; finished February 19, 2014
8. Traveling Vines Socks: started May 31, 2013; finished March 3, 2014
9. Babbeh Hat: started March 3, 2014; finished March 6, 2014
10. Hurricane Hat: started April 22, 2014; finished May 15, 2014
11. Hoo Hat: started May 19, 2014; finished May 20, 2014
12. Hoo Hat: started May 20, 2014; finished May 21, 2014
13. Stormageddon's Stripey Hat: started May 22, 2014; finished May 23, 2014
14.  Greyson: started May 29, 2014; finished June 17, 2014
15. Waiting for Winter Mittens: started July 20, 2014; finished July 25, 2014  
16. Oreo Socks: started March 8, 2014; finished August 5, 2014  
17. Waiting for Winter Mittens: started August 8, 2014; finished August 12, 2014  
18. Sacrificial Goat: started July 27, 2014; finished August 16, 2014
19. Swirl Hat: started August 5, 2014; finished August 20, 2014 

20. Sacrificial Goat #2: started August 16, 2014; finished August 24, 2014 

I wrote about the second goat this past Friday. That's the project I totally forgot about last week...oops. But, he's there now and my temporary lapse is gone.....for the moment. We shall see.

 Works-In-Progress (WIPs)
1. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013
2. Baby Stormageddon
3. Pacific Shawl: started June 8, 2014
4. Swatch for The Dude: started July 16, 2014

5. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014

6. Sacrificial Goat #3: started August 27, 2014

This past week, I've worked a bit here and there on Snape's Stockings and I started the third Sacrificial Goat. I'm almost done with the first pattern repeat on the stockings (out of three) and I've finished the head/body and ears. That means I have four legs, two horns, and a tail...and stuffing and piecing and then I'm done with that one. Woo-hoo! Oh, and I worked on my Pacific Shawl...I almost forgot about that. I was just knitting along and I decided I should stop and count stitches...and lo, I had almost made it to the point where I would start the lace portion along the boarder. And then I managed to drop a bunch of stitches and while I think I got it picked up, there's still a teensy bit that turned out wonky. But, I have enough stitches, I know where I screwed up, and I'm ready to start the lace section.

As for Stormageddon, he's in there, doing his thing...and he's quite a wiggle worm. He's moved from one side to the other in the last week. He's still head-down but his little body went from the left side of my body to the right. He's also been punching me when he's uncomfortable. Silly boy. He'll be out soon enough :)

So, that's what's been going on around here. What I have left on my lists are as follows:

Children's Items
1. Elefante
2. Nottingham
3. Shaun
4. Gramps Cardigan (need to purchase - $6)
5. Smaug Hat

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting, FTW!)
1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Godric's Hollow Hat
3. Jabberwonky (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *
4. Gallifrey Fingerless Mitts
5. Weeping Angel Socks *
6. Stormont
7. Drip Drip Drop (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *

* I'll probably only pick one of these but, you know, choices and all...

 Secret Sock Club Bags
(These bags are already set up with pattern and yarn - I just pick one at random and no, I don't remember what I put in there right now...I can go look later, if you're really interested. I really probably should...but, honestly, nah...)

1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (adult and child versions)
3. Assorted Dishcloths
4. Traveling Vines projects (adult socks, baby socks, scarf, hat, fingerless mitts, shawl, etc.)
5. Pinwheel Market Bag
6. Anything else that comes along at the right time

You know as well as I do that I'm not going to get through everything. I'll be lucky if I finish anything from these remaining lists. But, you know, I can dream :) 

Anyway, that's about all I know for this week. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and week and so on and so forth :)


  1. I think I may still have baby brain, some days it's unbelievable what I forget, Looking forward to seeing the shawl, your making great progress, I hope all the germs have packed themselves off to somewhere else and left you be?

  2. Sounds like you're feeling better! Thank goodness. I don't think you should worry at all about the lists - just rest and get ready. Sounds like Stormageddon is gonna be a handful!

  3. The goat is so cute! I love to dream about all the projects I could/should make.. Have a lovely week, big hug to Stormageddon!

  4. Love the goat - can't remember how many you are doing now? I should be just resting and doing what I can now!

  5. I get mommy brain and I'm not even preggers. I miss that sensation of a baby moving about in my belly. It made me feel like Sigourner Weaver in Alien and one of those skate eggs at the Aquarium by the Bay.

  6. the goat is cute... I don't think baby brain ever really leaves once you get it, it's incurable I'm afraid!!!