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Friday, August 29, 2014

FO Friday: Sacrificial Goat #2

So, after everything that's been going on around here with the earthquake and life and being pregnant and all of that....I totally forgot that I had an FO to share. To be fair, it also didn't manage to appear on my last Self-Imposed Year of Projects update, though it should have...

But, we'll just get right to it :)

Sacrificial Goat #2 (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Goat by Sara Gasson

Time Frame: started August 16, 2014; finished August 24, 2014

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Snow (the white) and Tahki Sky (the brown)...unknown amounts of each but since this was my second one and I still have ample yarn left of both, I'm going with "small amount" of each.

Needles: US #5 DPNs (3.75 mm)

Size: Uh, the size it came out. It sits a little smaller than the first one but it's still roughly 5.75" from butt to the top of his horns.

Modifications: This time around, I made a few modifications...significantly more than I made the first time around. First of all, I did the head/body entirely in the round. It got a little interesting when I got to the short rows that form the snout/mouth/whatever you want to call it. I basically had to reverse the directions because of where it started in the pattern. It worked out so I was fine with it...but I had to think and thinking hurts. I did the ears as written except for the bind off. The original pattern has you break the yarn and thread through the remaining stitches. I opted for a regular bind off (in purl). It made it a little easier to sew together. I did the legs mostly in the round. I did the hoofs (the brown) as written but when I switched colors, I opted to knit them in the round. The horns were done as written but I opted to put pipe cleaners in them to help them keep the shape I wanted. And, of course, I was using worsted weight instead of DK...which means I used larger needles.

Thoughts: After having done one as written and one with modifications, I think I've decided how I'm going to proceed with the next.......well, I have to make at least three more, four would be better, and then Little Man wants, I think I still have at least four to make, but really, probably five or six. After the mess I went through trying to attach the horns, ears, doing the eyes and mouth this time around...I think I'm going to work the head/body flat as written. I may also do the legs as written. They were difficult to stuff properly. So, I guess in short, the designer knew what she was doing. ::sigh:: And here I thought I was being so smart...I could do the body in the round and then opt to knit the head flat but I don't know how well that would work either. So, I guess I'm going back to the original directions.

That's all I have for you today :) I'm a bit late because......well, let's be honest: I FORGOT. Oops. I should be back on Sunday for my Year of Projects Update :)

Also....five years ago today, this happened :)

For dinner, I'm driving back into the city (San Francisco) to pick Husband up from work and Little Man, Husband, and I are going to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. YUMYUM. Too bad Stormageddon is taking up so much real estate...I would love to eat all the things. Oh well.

Anyway, hope you're having a lovely Friday :)


  1. Happy anniversary! You two have sweet smiles. You look like a queen in your dress.

  2. The goat is so cute! And congrats on your anniversary!!