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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Future WIPs...or, Lambtown was last weekend

Happy Wednesday! Today shall be a WIP Wednesday post of a different sort....because these aren't actually WIPs. Today, I'll present Future WIPs.

But first, Lambtown.

Lambtown was this past weekend in Dixon, CA, which is about an hour and a half northeast of where we live. It's close enough to San Francisco that it could probably be considered the Bay Area but far enough away that there is plenty of open space for farms (not that we have enough rain to sustain farms right now but that's another issue). It's a two-day event that includes sheepdog trials, spinning events (including a sheep-to-shawl event, a wool sale, and others), classes, and a marketplace (where food is also available)....but they don't forget the kids. There's a petting zoo on-site and entertainment, as well.

As Saturday was a fairly busy day for us around the house, I took the boys on Sunday and we went up to Dixon. Husband was busy doing the Bridge to Bridge 5K (which wound up becoming a 15K once you add in the walk from the car to the venue and back again) it was just me and the boys.

I made a deal with Little Man: if you behave yourself in the marketplace, we can go do the kid things and have a delightful lunch.

He survived. He got a little squirrelly because he's not quite 5 years old....but that's not unusual.

So, photos from Lambtown :)

Yes, that's an alpaca. We got to pet her and hug her and she's very sweet. She's used to kids and her owner, who was all of maybe ten years old, was climbing on her to prove that she was sweet. Also, she was very soft and I kind of wanted to bring her home...but I'm pretty sure I can't have an alpaca in the city. 

They also had a multi-colored sheep. Little Man was fascinated with her but I don't think he understood that she was just sprayed with colored water and not actually a green sheep...


Happy Stormageddon!

Baby piggies!

Pony ride!

The petting zoo was interesting. They had goats, a calf, some more alpacas, ducks, geese, chickens, bunnies, and piglets. There was also a pony ride. I think Little Man pet every single animal in the enclosure (and there were probably six piglets, two alpacas, a calf, two goats, two bunnies, five or six ducks, a couple geese, a couple roosters, and maybe eight chickens. He didn't like the chickens though because they pecked at him a little. He kept going back to the piglets and the bunnies.

Among the food was, of course, lamb (gyros, lamburgers, pulled lamb, etc.) but there were other delicious items like deep fried asparagus and deep fried oreos.

Okay, okay.....enough about that....let's talk about my Future WIPs!

This is a lovely braid (4.8 oz) of Dark BFL from Greenwood Fiberworks in the Puget Sound colorway, which is kind of a variegated muddy brown, dark teal, and forest green. Little Man picked it out. I keep imagining a hat of some sort but it depends on how much I actually get out of it and whether it looks like warmed over goo or not.

Alpaca roving from Lassen View Alpacas, approximately 10.2 oz, in a dark chocolate brown. No, the alpaca photographed above is not the alpaca this roving came from, though it's about the right color. Little Man decided between this and a lighter colored one. He liked the darker one. He is my child.

I've been warned to not spin this too tightly or I'm going to wind up with alpaca rope instead of yarn. Apparently this one requires a light touch....I may have to bring out the drop spindle for this one. ::gasp!::

This was my first purchase of the day (aside from parking and my entrance fee). It's a mixed roving ball of BFL and it's extremely soft and it just wanted to come home with me. I have about 8 oz and it came from Carolina Homespun.

This braid stood out in the Wonderland Dyeworks booth because it was so light compared to everything else. It's about 4.8 oz. of an 85%/15% Polwarth Wool and Tussah Silk blend. The photo is misleading. It's much less grey and a lot more green. Those light bits that appear to be almost a natural, undyed grey are actually a light green and the darker bits are a darker green. I tried to correct it on my laptop but just couldn't get it right. ::sigh::

And my only non-fiber purchase from the marketplace. A tin (think Altoids tin size), Halloween-themed, and some appropriate stitch markers. It's hard to tell because the photo is sideways but the big stitch marker is actually a little turquoise colored skull. Little Man picked the blue set instead of the orange set, which is fine. These came from Miss Purl.

So, Future WIPs and a trip to Lambtown!

I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!


  1. That festival looks fun. I had some knitting mates who were going to that. Great booty you brought back. Glad the boys had fun.

  2. look how stoked your boys are about the petting zoo, love it! and what awesome proving, that is going to be some amazing handspun.