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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mid-Month Update: October Goals!

Happy mid-October!

It's been kind of quiet lately around the blog...lots going on, I suppose...or maybe we should just look at the goals list :)

1. Work on the following (and maybe finish one or two of): Snape's StockingsWinkDragon's Egg SocksPacific ShawlFire & Ice (Fire) SocksLittle Man's Hat, and Bunny.

Admittedly, it's mid-month and I've worked a little bit on Wink, my Dragon's Egg Socks, my Pacific Shawl, my Fire Socks, and the Bunny. But no major progress has been had on any of it. 

2. Card some more puni rolags from the purple merino/silk blend and maybe spend some time spinning it.

While I didn't card any more rolags, I did spin a couple that I had already made. It wasn't much but it counts!

3. Try to partake in a fibery endeavor every day.

I think about it.......does that count?

4. Get back on the Yarn Diet Train (club yarns, of course, do not count).

I'm doing well...but that may be because I've got three clubs going on right now (Cookie A, Sheepy Time Knits Middle-Earth, and my Knitcircus one just started). Oh, and Lambtown happened but I don't count festivals either :)

5. Toss the stash. Pull things out to destash, update the written database and the spreadsheet, and so on.

I've not done much of this...I should do more.

6. Work on Ice Socks design (seriously, the eludes me!).

Still cursing at the chart. It's pissing me off and I'm almost tempted to toss the entire idea. 

7. Anything else that tickles my fibery fancy (starting a new project, destashing, book destashing, organizing, etc.).


1. Reorganize in Stormageddon's room.


2. Go through Little Man's clothes/books/toys.


3. Drink more water.

Going in spurts again. I remember one day or a couple days, and then I forget and fall off the train...and then I remember for a couple days. 

4. Try to go to the gym at least 2x/week or some other method of exercise.

Trying. I've been to the gym several times, in addition to walking Little Man to and from school and to the park and....

5. Family history/genealogy stuff: photo albums, family stories, etc.


6. Keep working on the weight loss shit (thank you, Lose It app for doing the math and such for me).

Keep on keeping on...

7. Keep up on the pseudo bullet journal thingie I'm doing.

I've missed a couple days here and there but it's okay. 

8. Read The Hobbit.


9. Work on my recipe journal.


Overall, October isn't a great month in any sort of way. Perhaps I need to rethink my goals or give me more general ideas or maybe more specific or.....yeah, I'm a little clueless. Perhaps it's just that I'm exhausted. I don't know.

Anyway, I hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!

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  1. Every month is different as life happens in ways we don't expect. Don't be hard on yourself.