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Friday, January 1, 2016

January Goals!

Happy New Year! Happy January! Happy revisiting my goals.........

Okay, maybe not "happy that" but whatever, it's a new year, new month, and that means we need new goals! First, we should revisit my December Goals, though.....

1. Work on the following (and maybe finish one or two of): Snape's StockingsWinkDragon's Egg SocksPacific ShawlFire & Ice (Fire) Socks, (second) Maple Slouch Hat, and Bunny.
2. Spin some of the merino/silk rolags.
3. Try to partake in a fibery endeavor every day.
4. Yarn Diet Train. Christmas and club yarns and such don't count, of course.
5. Work on some designs (Ice Socks, unknown shawl/wrap, etc.).
6. Anything else that tickles my fibery fancy (starting a new project, destashing, book destashing, organizing, etc.).

Admittedly, this month has been busy and, as a result, some things didn't happen while other things did happen, and new things happened and so on. I finished the knitting on the Pacific Shawl and I just haven't had time to block it with the holidays and traveling in there. I also finished the second Maple Slouch Hat and the bunny for Stormageddon. 

The Fire Socks saw some action and I started two new projects: Vanilla Latte Socks and a Swirl Hat. Why yes, I may have lost my sanity. Oh, and then.....and then and then.....I pulled out a(nother) skein of Wollmeise for my Ice Socks and wound the yarn. I haven't actually started them but it's a step in the right direction. 

Other than that, not much else happened on the fibery front this month. 


1. Work in Stormageddon's room.
2. Work in Little Man's room.
3. Gym. Or some other form of exercise.
4. Finish Christmas shopping & wrapping.
5. Get the boys' Christmas photos done.
6. Get Christmas cards printed & sent.
7. Keep working on the weight loss shit (thank you, Lose It app for doing the math and such for me).
8. Keep up on the pseudo bullet journal thingie I'm doing.
9. Read something that is in the form of a book.
10. Work on my recipe journal.

Out of necessity, a few things on this list had to happen this working on cleaning out Stormageddon's room. Little booger climbed out of his crib a couple weeks ago and, as a result, I started cleaning out his room a bit more. So far, I've gone through his clothes and pulled out everything that's too small or that won't fit by the time he can wear it again (read: shorts) and I went through a couple bins/boxes that were in there. I got rid of some items, I moved some items, and I condensed some items. Little Man's room, however, remains the same....well, I did go through his clothes, at least, and I boxed up all his "too small" stuff and shoved it in the upper part of his closet for Stormageddon to wear when he's older. 

Since Christmas is over, I finished Christmas shopping, got the boys' Christmas photos done, and got the Christmas cards printed and sent. 

Going to the gym hasn't happened as often as I would have liked but I've still been walking about two miles several times a week (taking Little Man to and from school and, while he's been on vacation, going to the park if it's been dry enough). 

Otherwise, I've just been keeping on keeping on. It's all you can ask me to do. 

But, it's a new month. That means we need some new goals. And since it's a new year.......well, let's just see where things go.

Fibery Goals
1. Work on the following (and maybe even finish something!): Dragon's Egg Socks, Snape's Stockings, Wink, Fire Socks, Vanilla Latte Socks, and Swirl Hat.
2. Spin some more of the purple merino/silk rolags. Maybe get around to spinning some more of the Asshole Blue Corriedale I found (Noooooooooooooooooooooo!).
3. Partake in a fibery endeavor at least 4x/week.
4. Yarn Diet (Clubs don't count).
5. Design work.
6. Anything else that comes along.

Non-Fibery Goals
1. Work on Stormageddon's room.
2. Work on Little Man's room.
3. Work on our bedroom/closet.
4. Gym and/or some other form of exercise.
5. Work on the weight loss shit (woo).
6. Keep up on the (new) bullet journal. Yes, I have a new's different from the big fat At-A-Glance I've used in years past. This one is just a grid notebook that I'm doing myself. We'll see how it goes.
7. Work on recipe journal.

And there it is. Hope you're having a lovely New Years' Day!