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Friday, February 5, 2016

FO Friday: Nottingham (again)

Happy Friday! As predicted, I have another FO for your viewing pleasure :) This week it's another Nottingham hat....

Nottingham for Little Man (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Nottingham by Melissa Mall

Time Frame: started January 17, 2016; finished February 1, 2016

Yarn: Zaftig by Verdant Gryphon in Kiss of Cabernet - less than one skein, probably just over a half skein, though I haven't bothered to weigh the remaining ball.

Needles: US #4 (3.5 mm) and US #7 (4.5 mm) 16" circulars and US #7 (4.5 mm) DPNs

Size: Child

Modification(s): Like the first one, I changed my needle size. I used the US #4 (3.5 mm) for about 3/4" at the beginning and switched to the US #7 (4.5 mm) for the rest of the hat. The pattern calls for a US #8 (5 mm) throughout the pattern. I also changed the decreases in the same manner as the first one (you can see the notes on the project page, noted above, or you can look at my post about the first one, here). The only other modification I made was that I did all the knit stitches through the back loop, including through the cabling and decreases and so on and so forth.

Thoughts: This hat took a little longer, based on calendar days, but I don't think the actual act of knitting it took any longer. I just didn't work on it for various reasons. I expect this is a hat I would make again, but maybe not so soon. In the days since I finished it, it has been lost in the house or my car (along with the first one). It is in need of a good washing. It's just a titch too tight on Little Man's head and I think a good soak will loosen it up a little...but I have to find the damn thing first. ::sigh::

I hope you're having a lovely Friday. We're basically sheltering in place until the Superb Owl is finished on Sunday. The furthest we're going is the grocery store or Costco. Otherwise, we're avoiding going anywhere.

I'll be back on Sunday with my Year of Projects update, I hope :)

1 comment:

  1. Love it! And he looks super happy to be wearing his new Nottingham hat. Great colour!