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Friday, February 19, 2016

FO Friday: The Swirl Hat

Happy Friday! I know I've had this project done for a couple weeks now but I feel that it's time to share.......or perhaps it's because I finally got some photos.....

Swirl Hat (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington (of Sheepy Time Knits)

Time Frame: started December 16, 2015; finished February 4, 2016

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller in Reykjavik (less than 100 yds)

Needles: US #3 (3.25 mm) Signature DPNs

Size: Newborn

Modification(s): None

Thoughts: This is the second time I've made this hat. I made it a little longer than I had made Stormageddon's and I think it'll work better. Stormageddon's only fit him for a few short weeks because it was too short. It's not like he had a big head, either. To be honest, I was running out of yarn for his, which is why it ended up too small. This one, though I was also running out of's a bit longer. Unfortunately, I did not get a modeled photo, mostly because the model hadn't arrived when the hat was gifted (he arrived within 3 days of the hat being gifted). I went back and forth about whether to donate it to the NICU at the hospital where Stormageddon was born or if I should gift it to one of the Mama's from Little Man's class. In the end, I gave it to Mama. One of Little Man's classmates was due to become a big brother and I gave the hat to Mama for baby.

I hope you're having a lovely Friday :) I'm wandering about Stitches West this weekend so that's exciting and all :) My Year of Projects post on Sunday will most likely be sorely lacking in Stitches West Goodness but I plan to have a full write-up, hopefully with a ton of photos (if I remember to take any!)......we'll see :)


  1. very cute hat! Have an amazing time at stitches west.

  2. Sorry to have missed you at STITCHES as I went today and you're going this weekend. I like the new beanie. I like the greyish purple in it.