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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stash Enhancement: Indie Yarn Carnival

Happy Wednesday! Today, I have a Stash Enhancement post.

The bag is, of course, from Erin Lane Bags. This is my February shipment for the Indie Yarn Carnival. There's a pattern, as well. The yarn is one I've not heard of. So, here are the details :)

Yarn: Squishy DK from LYDIA Yarn

Yardage/Weight: 230 yds/DK weight

Colorway: Indie Yarn Carnival Feb 2016

I also collected all my stitch markers from the Stitch Marker Swap that happened at Stitches West. Admittedly, I did not participate as well as I could have due to small children and having to leave before I was ready. But, I did catch a few :)

Not too many but they're all lovely and they're all mine :)

And, lastly, this has nothing to do with yarn but it's funny and it's MINE :)

It's a martini shaker that turns into a drinking glass, meaning that you can shake it up, take the cover part off, and you have your drink in a glass, ready to go :) If you're interested, I found it at Michael's Craft Store on Monday morning.

I hope you're all having a lovely day :)


  1. saw my latest stage acquisition.....

  2. Fun martini shaker. I think the only "martini" I've had was an apple-tini in the way distant past. You collected some nice stitch markers. I sadly didn't have time to make any. I hope to represent next year. I like the new skein; reminds me a bit of blue cotton candy or ICEE.

  3. amazing stuff! I love your new martini shaker, and your new stitch markers look fantastic. I can never have too many stitch markers, I seem to loose them (mostly in the car or in the sofa).