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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fire Socks are LIVE

Hello and happy Saturday!

Well, kids, today is the day! Knotions' new issue is live, which means my Fire Socks are up and around for all to knit! And if it's not, let me know so I can fix things and/or find out what's going on. It's possible that I've posted before it actually goes live...

Just a few notes about my socks....

They're knit cuff-down on two long circulars (US #1 which is, I believe, 2.25 mm). They can be done on DPNs or Magic Loop but it's written for two circulars. You don't really need stitch markers except for the heel but if you want them, you can go ahead and use them. I do my socks one-at-a-time but you can try doing it two-at-a-time. Um...what else, what else........nope, I think that's the important information. Oh, I would recommend a solid or semi-solid yarn because the pattern will probably otherwise get lost in a sea of variegation...but, that's your choice :)

If you make any fabulous mods, let me know :) I could always use some more fun content for the blog!

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday!


  1. They look great! I'll have to toss the stash to see if I can find something suitable...and well you know how slow I knit...but I'm willing to give them a try...