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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Monthly Goals: Mid-Month Update

Happy middle-of-July! It means I need to get a mid-month update finished :)

Fibery Goals
1. Work on the following (and maybe finish something): Wink, the Caffe Macchiato Socks, and the Gex Sweater.
2. Tour de Fleece (July 2nd-24th): I have a couple braids pulled out and that's lovely :)
3. Partake in a fibery endeavor at least 4x/week.
4. Yarn Diet (clubs don't count).
5. Design work.
6. Clean out the yarn closet.
7. Anything else that comes along.

I've only worked on the Gex Sweater these past few weeks, and honestly, not much knitting has been favor of Tour de Fleece spinning. I have done so much spinning. I actually kind of ran out of projects to spin. I had planned for two of them with loose plans for a third. The first was to spin some white merino to ply with some previously spun purple merino/silk. That was completed first. But, wouldn't you know, I still had some leftover bits and bobs. So, I did some plying of random bits. One is some previously spun kelly green merino plied with some of the purple merino/silk. I also did some test spinning of some merino before I worked on my rainbow gradient. So, I have a couple of mini skeins of rose pink & navy blue and hot pink & grey, and because I had other bits leftover, I have a mini mini skein of hot pink & purple merino/silk and a different mini mini skein of hot pink & navy blue. After I finished clearing all the bobbins, I spun two rainbow gradients (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white, in that order) and then plied them together. It turned out pretty well, actually. Soooo, all those have been washed, snapped, thwacked, stretched, and dried (except two of the minis). Then I got around to my loose plans and did three bobbins of  4 oz singles from Fat Cat Fibers (merino/tencel blend), did a 3-ply, and then chain-plied the remaining bit of the last bobbin. 

Then I was out of plans. So, I pulled out fiber I had hanging about: 5.9 oz of white merino (the same from the white & purple noted above), a braid from Happy Hands, two braids from Corgi Hill Farms, and some BFL I found with one of my drop spindles. So, everything has been weighed, separated, and I'm ready to go for making all the two-ply yarns. In other words, I planned out five projects. I started the white merino, as Stormageddon chose that one. 

I've also broken my yarn diet. I should be getting four skeins of MadTosh Pashmina and a skein of MadTosh MCN Worsted, both in Molly Ringwald (Pretty In Pink Molly Ringwald, not Sixteen Candles Molly Ringwald). I've also signed up for another club: StevenBe's Inappropriate Club, which starts mid-August. 

But that's it, I swear!

Non-Fibery Goals
1. Reorganize in Little Man's room.
2. Finish cleaning the buffet.
3. Go through the pantry & cupboards.
4. Gym and/or some other form of exercise.
5. Work on the weight loss shit (woo).
6. Keep up on the (new) bullet journal.
7. Work on recipe journal(s).

I've done some cleaning and sorting in Little Man's room but that's a forever-ongoing project. The buffet is a mess. The pantry is a mess. I've been going to the gym and keeping up with my journal but my weight is hovering and the recipe journal is doing nothing.


I hope you're all having a lovely day!

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  1. SMiled at you breaking your yarn diet. Life is full of planning and schedules. Why the hell not walk the rebellious and wild side and add more yarn to stash? If it makes you happy, do it.