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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mid-Month Update!

Happy middle-of-August :) This week is rather crazy. Husband has been in Wisconsin since last Thursday (he gets back late tonight), for Beerfest, which he didn't even get to go to because he got strep throat. Little Man starts Kindergarten this week (Wednesday) so I've been getting school stuff all ready to go, trying to get the kids back on the "school schedule," which means going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, and then there's paperwork that needs to be done, I need to find money for things (like fingerprinting for the district and school shirts and donations and OMG MONEY!), and I feel like I've just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Buuuuuut, it's the middle of August and we should revisit my monthly goals :)

Fibery Goals
1. Work on the following (and maybe finish something): Wink,  the Caffe Macchiato Socks, and the Gex Sweater.
2. Ravellenics (August 5th-21st): probably making a cowl from some handspun and hopefully finishing the Gex sweater
3. Partake in a fibery endeavor at least 4x/week.
4. Yarn Diet (clubs don't count).
5. Design work.
6. Clean out the yarn closet.
7. Anything else that comes along.

Soooooo, Ravellenics started on August 5th and I knit a rainbow gradient cowl in 24 hours. 

Proof that it did, indeed, happen, and I've woven in ends and washed it. I've even worn it out and about. It goes quite well with my Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness shirt. 

In addition to that, I've been working on both the Gex sweater and my Caffe Macchiato socks. I'm working on the sleeves of Gex, which means I'm almost done. I'm still cranking away on the first of the socks, as well. 

With Ravellenics going on, I've been knitting almost every day this month, which is a welcome change, actually. 

Um.....we should just skip over the yarn diet thing. I broke the diet very, very hard this month. Between the closure of an LYS and my newfound need for all things Hunger Games, my yarn diet.....well, it's been bad. We won't talk about it. But, on the upside, I pulled out every single yarn and fiber bin from the closet, went through things, and pulled out a bunch of stuff to destash (which I'm still working on getting photographed and entered properly). I also found a few random things I was half-assed looking for, like the missing pieces of my pseudo-Turkish drop spindle and I found some bobbins in a bag with some wool that needed picking and carding...I threw that out but kept the bobbins. Woo. 

I also started a new project. The original is called *Bad Nut* but I changed the name to *Oh, She IS a Bad Nut* because all I could think about was Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp version) saying that about Veruca Salt during the squirrel scene. I had a few mishaps involving dropped stitches and frogging but I think I'm good to go now. I'll probably throw in a lifeline at some point because I detest picking up dropped stitches in garter. I can't do it. I don't know why. I know what I'm supposed to do...but I just can't make my stitches do it. ::sigh::

Other than that.....yeah......moving along :)

Non-Fibery Goals
1. Put the armoire together in Stormageddon's room & organize.
2. Go through paperwork on the buffet & cookbook shelf.
3. Go through the pantry & cupboards.
4. Gym and/or some other form of exercise.
5. Work on the weight loss shit (woo).
6. Keep up on the (new) bullet journal.

We almost may as well skip this section, honestly. The armoire is still in boxes, paperwork is piling up, the pantry is a mess....but exercise has kind of been happening (when we weren't sick) and the journal has been happening....but that's about it. Someday, someday...

I'm kind of half-failing this month but I really don't care. It's been so nuts around here with all of us getting the dreaded summer cold at the beginning of the month and Husband being out of town, and school starting and....just nuts around here.

Here's to hoping the rest of the month goes better :)


  1. That's a creative and funny project name. We haven't done any back-to-school shopping yet. Saving that for next week as the tween started her junior high academy today; my baby's growin' up!

  2. You are doing great! With both the kids at home, it's crazy, and I'm amazed how how productive you've been, especially on your own. That's exciting Little Man will be starting kindergarten soon- here it doesn't start until the middle of September. still seems very far away! Your finished cowl looks awesome, i love the colours, and I'm excited that you are making such good progress on your Gex sweater.

  3. I know how frustrating the beginning of the school year can be. This is my first year not dealing with it since my youngest graduated. I feel your pain though because I've been there. I went on a yarn diet a year ago and finally just sold and donated a ton. Now I feel like I don't have enough. I think you just need a bigger house lol