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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stash Enhancement: I'm losing another yarn all the things (PART 2)!

Happy Saturday! Happy Stash Enhancement!

Didn't I already post about this? Hahahaha! Noooooope! This is the second part of my BUY ALL THE THINGS because I'm losing another LYS.

Soooooo.....I went back on Tuesday this past week because Viktor needed some attention. After Viktor had some attention (in the form of tightening some things, adjusting some things, and suggestions for replacements of other things), I found more things that wanted to come home...oops. Sorry, so not sorry.

Two more skeins of American Worsted from MJ Yarns. The top is Soul Fissure (which, really, is just black) and the bottom is Intrigue (and it's much brighter than the photo is showing - think a very bright Hunter Orange).

A skein of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Mountain Tango (again, brighter than what the photo is showing).

About 8 oz of natural Shetland (no specific brand), which will probably grow up into something fabulous. I don't know. I don't think I've ever spun Shetland before. I might hate it. I doubt it. Then again, the Bombyx blend from TdF was absolute hell to spin because I was so so so SO allergic to it (but I can rub it all over my face now that it's in yarn form - weird!). We'll see.

About 4 oz of Dream Merino Roving from MJ Yarns in Forest Elf (it's an 80/20 Merino/Tussah blend). It spoke to me last time I was in and this time, it decided to come home with me. WOO!

The last lonely 10 oz bump of Zombie BBQ from Lorna's Laces came home, also. Soooo, I have 30 oz of this, which translates to about 850 g...which, if I spin it decently, I could wind up with 3200 yds of finger weight yarn...or 1600 yds of worsted...or.........yeah. We'll see what happens.

This little kit spoke to me. It's from Lorna's Laces, also. The color combination is called Snare Drum, which speaks to my inner-drummer-of-yore. I wish there had been a second one. Buuuuut, one will do. It's 525 yds of sock yarn so I can definitely get a pair of socks. I'm considering ordering a couple of the other sets from Jimmy Beans that the LYS didn't have (Marimba and Piano, specifically).

And lastly, because I don't have enough needles...HiyaHiya Sharps in US #1.5. Woo. More sock needles! 

In other random events, I'll be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update :) Happy Saturday!

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  1. Sorry you are losing another LYS. That's so disappointing. It amazes me with as popular knitting and crochet have gotten that they shut down. Great yarns you snagged up!! Have heard great things about HiyaHiya Sharp needles.