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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Whip It!

Happy Wednesday :)

It's been awhile since I've participated in a WIP Wednesday sooooooo, yeah. Let's see what I've got going on.

Firstly, these are still happening:

These are based on the Caffe Macchiato socks. I'm not much further along than this photo but that's fine. It was the last photo I took of these. The biggest change I made was the location of the pattern section. In the original, the pattern has you actually identify a right and left sock, as the pattern section goes along one side of the instep. I didn't want to deal with that so I did some rewriting of the pattern and moved the pattern section to the middle and I think that was about it...well, and the heel/gusset thing but that's normal for me.

In addition to the socks, I also started a hat. Originally, I was going to do a reversed version of the Hurricane Hat. The idea was that it was going to look like the inside of a Hurricane Hat, except you knit it that way on purpose. Unfortunately, that just wasn't working in reality the way it was working in my head. So, I started thinking about it and instead of ripping out and starting over, I did a few jiggery pokery things and I'm somehow ending up with this. I might have to write this one because I'm pretty sure it's not something someone has done before. But, we'll see how this one turns out first and I'll probably make one in a solid color, just to be sure everything makes sense and I can replicate it.

Also, this photo does nothing for the colors. The orange is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (photos here). The purple is Cascade 220, probably in the Regal colorway but I'm not 100% sure. If it's not that one, it's 220 Superwash in Dark Periwinkle. I do have the ball band for it but it's wedged into the remaining ball so I'll check when I'm finished.

In addition to those, I also have my Wink sweater and my Oh, She IS a Bad Nut shawl going, but neither have been recently photographed...maybe later this week. Or not.

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday :)


  1. Orange and purple make an interesting combination. I like red and purple too which I would have never thought of pairing together. Today was good. I let myself rest and I was good and typed in all of our old address books' contacts into my Google ones.

  2. Nice project! Love the colours ♥

  3. I love those rainbow socks, they are so happy and such a fun yarn I never get tired of looking at them! And fun hat, I love the bit of texture in the design.