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Friday, January 13, 2017

FO Friday: Test Knitting Edition

Happy Friday!

Today I do have an FO but it's from a few weeks ago. I've been a bit lax on proper updates but with the holidays happening, things just got in the way and there just aren't enough hours in the day.

But, we're back and I need to do an FO Friday :)

Pattern: Trusty Hat by Danielle Morgan

Time Frame: started December 16, 2016; finished December 23, 2016

Yarn: Cascade 220 #7814 Light Green (less than a full skein but I've not figured actual yardage yet)

Needles: US #4 (3.5 mm) & US #6 (4 mm) 16" circulars and US #6 (4 mm) DPNs

Size: Large

Modification(s): As this was a test knit, there were no modifications but I did catch some issues in the original pattern (which have been addressed/fixed).

Thoughts: This was a lovely hat to test and it works well because it's reversible. I tested the large size, which does fit me perfectly but Little Man was my model. It's a little slouchy on him, which is how he likes things anyway. I liked this hat so much that I'm knitting another one (but in a DK weight with more stitches - so I'm putzing with the pattern to suit my needs). My only drawback is that I have to use the cable needle on every other round, almost all rounds, which just makes the hat lovely but I hate dealing with the cable needle (I've tried cables without the needle and I drop stitches and that sucks so I just suck it up and use the cable needle). It was a fairly quick knit, as well. I knit it in about a week. The second one is taking me longer but I've not been working on it as often. I tend to like Danielle's patterns (even though I think this is the first of hers I've actually knit). So, you know, go knit it :)

See, the reverse side is just as lovely.


  1. Love it! It's that same pretty green as the lovely hat you knit for James (which he wore in the fall, and then my smartphone died and took the photos with it... but I think it will still fit him in the spring!). What a clever pattern that it's reversible, and so perfect for kids- hats sometimes come back from school looking awfully dirty.