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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monthly Goals - Something Needs to Give!

Full Admission: I have 100% over-committed myself for 2017, and not just with knitting. 

I'm partaking in the following threads on Ravelry (all but one are in LSG):

1. The Monthly Thread (Just for Me January is this month's thread) 
2. Knit Your Shit 2017
3. The Great Sockening 2017
4. LSG Secret Sock Club (if there is one)
5. Flash Your Stash 2017 (non-LSG)

In addition to that, I have my Self-Imposed Year of Projects and combined with that, I've added 17 UFOs in 2017. 

And let's not forget that I'm doing design work. And I have two small children. And Husband. And we've been going to the gym on an almost-daily basis. And I'm going to be running the Auction Committee next school year for Little Man's school (I'm shadowing t his school year). And there are other things that are going on. 

Honestly, there just isn't enough time to take care of everything I want to take care of and something needs to give. 

This is what is going to give. I might throw it into my Self-Imposed Year of Projects post every couple of weeks but don't hold your breath. I'd love to keep up but I just cannot. 

Then again, I feel like very few people really looked at this anyway and it was more for me. I have a Bullet Journal for that. 

So, you know, onward with 2017...


  1. Sounds like your 2017 is already bursting at the seams! Absolutely, you need to cut back on anything that you don't feel is working for you. I'll be cheering for you!

  2. Happity birfday Mamasita. Safe travels to and from your celebratory venue. Can't wait to see your loot, especially the fibery stuff.