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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stash Enhancement 2017: Want to Dye ALL THE THINGS!

Happy Saturday! Last Saturday, Little Man, Stormageddon, and a friend of mine went to Elkus Ranch for their Sheep to Shawl event. They're located just south of Half Moon Bay, California. In Half Moon Bay, there is a yarn shop I hadn't visited before so we stopped in there and I may or may not have come home with things.

Okay, let's be honest: I can't go into a yarn store and not come out with something.'s what I came home with last weekend. And please note, I am apparently really into this dyeing thing because most of what I bought was for the purpose of dyeing.

Firstly, the two skeins that are not for dyeing:

Madelinetosh BFL Sock in Void. I've been pondering a good superwash BFL sock yarn for awhile. I had heard such a best existed thanks to the YarnHoarder Podcast...and she says it wears like iron. So, I found a BFL sock yarn. We'll try it :)

Malabrigo Sock in Black (obviously). I may wind up using this for contrast heels/cuff/toes or for stripes or something. I don't know that I necessarily want to knit a pair of black socks. But for contrast color, woo!

And now for the things I bought to dye......

Two skeins of Malabrigo Arroyo, which I believe is a sport weight, superwash yarn. Superwash and I are friends.

Two skeins of Malabrigo Sock. Again, superwash yarn (because socks).

.....and four ounces of Malabrigo Nube, which is a 100% merino spinning fiber. I've never dyed spinning fiber so this should be interesting. I am tossed about whether to dye it first and then spin it or if I should spin it and then dye it. Or maybe split it in half and dye half as fiber and spin the other half and dye it once it's spun. I'm going to let those ideas stew.

In addition to that, I also acquired some needles:

It occurred to me that I did not have a US #10 (6 mm) 16" circular needle. I have US #9 and US #10.5....not the US #10. So, I picked these up at the yarn store in Half Moon Bay.

And then there are these.....

A friend of mine back home in Wisconsin had posted on Facebook that these had come in a lot from an estate sale. She wondered if I or another knitting friend of hers would want them. They don't look all that impressive but when you open up these little wooden tubes......

Double Pointed Needles. I haven't checked with the needle gauge thingie but I'm guessing the one on the left and in the middle are probably US #0 and US #1. There are at least five in each size. The one on the right has four DPNs and two are bigger than the other two. I can use them as cable needles. The other friend wasn't interested so she shipped them off to me :) I also like the containers. They're interesting by themselves.

So, those are my most recent acquisitions :) I should be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update. I hope.

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  1. I went to Webs recently and bought some black yarn...I have three Darth Vaders to make...oy vey....