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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Stash Enhancement 2017: Socktopus Sokkusu

Happy Saturday! Today's stash enhancement is brought to you by FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Yeah. Limited edition colorways are difficult for me to leave alone, particularly when it's also a new-to-me brand...because FOMO.

So, I picked up these four skeins from the same destash and they're limited edition colorways, all related to the Hunger Games. I may or may not have a problem.

With that said, let's just show them off already!

From top to bottom: District 12, Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch

These are from Socktopus in the Sokkusu Original base, which is 433 yds of 3-ply superwash merino. The yarn is also discontinued, not just the double FOMA on these.

Considering that this is only my 6th Stash Enhancement post of the entire year, I'd say I'm doing pretty well for not bringing in a bunch of new stuff. Of course, there was the yarn I bought specifically for dyeing, which I also need to post about....but I don't really count that because my intention is to probably sell it (GASP!).

Someday, these will grow into things. I have no idea what and they might get combined and they might not and...yeah.

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday. I should be back tomorrow. We'll see how the day progresses....

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