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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Stash Enhancement: Wisconsin Sheep & Wool 2017

Happy Saturday! It occurs to me that I've acquired a few things and should probably have full disclosure to the wide-open spaces of the interwebs.

Soooo....two weeks ago I was in Wisconsin and I went to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson. If you're interested in my non-stash photos, you can find them in this post...but I may wind up repeating a few of them. Live with it.

Firstly, the fibers (because, really, it was a Sheep & Wool festival...of course I bought fiber):

River's Edge Fiber Arts Falkland Island Merino, 4 oz, unknown color

I won this in an auction bid with yarn from the same dyer, River's Edge Fiber Arts. It's 100% Falkland Island Merino and I have no idea what the colorway is but it's got mostly browns and greys but there are hints of blue, green, and purple. It should be a fun spin. Someday.

Whispering Pines Shetland, 2 oz total, Under the Sea

These four are deceiving. Each one is only a half-ounce of Shetland fiber from Whispering Pines, and they came a long way from New York. It was some of the last that she dyed herself so I scooped up four of them. She dubbed these "Under the Sea" and they are, obviously, mostly greens and blues but I suspect there are some purples in there, as well. I won't know until I get around to spinning it.

Whispering Pines Shetland, 1/2 oz, "Blue Diamond"
I also picked up this one from Whispering Pines. Specifically, I won it in the auction. I think it went into the auction because it was the last one from this specific sheep, named Blue Diamond. When we went back to the booth after the auction, her husband mentioned that he hadn't seen that name in awhile. So, it was probably a one-off...but it's mine :)

Whispering Pines Shetland, 2 oz total, Neck Wool
I couldn't resist these two, either. In fact, I've already started spinning the one that's been opened. These are a little different. She has batts that come from specific sheep and she keeps those together but this is "neck wool" which is a combination of all the wool off the necks of all the sheep. So, there's grey and white and brown and black all mixed in. And, since I already started spinning's lovely to spin.

Whispering Pines Shetland, 3 oz total, "Fanny"
I think I spent most of my time in this booth. Seriously. I also picked up this 3-pack from a sheep named, "Fanny." I might have to order more online from her someday.....this is going to be so much fun to spin.

In addition to the fiber, there was also yarn...because of course.

Illinois Wool & Fiber Mill, 150 yds bulky handspun
I won this in the auction, as well. It's a handspun Romney that's been dyed (I'm assuming over-dyed with some sort of reddish color). It's approximately 150 yds and based on the skein weight, it would make this an Aran or bulky weight yarn.

Bleating Heart Haven Corriedale, 500 yds total, sport weight

Again, this was an auction win. Bleating Heart Haven is located somewhere near Milwaukee and I do have some yarn from them somewhere in my stash. These are about 250 yds each, about a sport weight. The fiber is Corriedale and is a dark chocolate brown with little flecks of something lighter. I have no idea what I'm going to make but it's going to be epic. Maybe.

Sun Valley Fibers 80/20 Merino Nylon, fingering weight
Honestly, I feel like no Wisconsin fiber festival is complete without a visit with Jeanette & George of Sun Valley Fibers. I've known Jeanette for....well, I met her soon after I started knitting so I've known her almost 10 years now (holy crap, has it really been that long?!). I have a bunch of yarn from her in my stash...but that obviously didn't stop me. But, I'll be honest, I had another skein in my hand and I put one back. This one had to come home, if only because it's called "Run - Zombies!"

Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm, Coquette Sock
This yarn caught my eye on Friday when I first went to the festival and it was still there on Saturday, which means I had to take it home. The yarn is not in the Ravelry database (yet) but I don't care. It's approximately 434 yds and the colorway is "The Great Pumpkin." I have no idea what I'm going to do with these but maybe something for the boys. Or one of them. Maybe.

Sophie's Toes  Merino Sock Yarn
I've been buying yarn from Emily of Sophie's Toes since...well, again, soon after I started knitting. Sadly, the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival was her last. She's getting out of the yarn dyeing business and focusing more on quilting. So, I picked up this skein, "Rain & Roses" and I also picked up.......

Sophie's Toes BFL/Nylon Sock Yarn
.....this skein, "Rhinebeck is my Happy Place," which was in the sale bin (WUT?!).

Neck-Down Base Shawl

I also won this yarn in the auction (along with the fiber from the same company: River's Edge Fiber Arts). Apparently it called to me, demanding to be I hand-wound it while watching movies at my bestie's house.

In addition to the fiber and yarn, I also came home with two support spindles and the bowl:

That's where that open Shetland fiber is going....

This is a Handy Andy, which is for Andean plying. Normally, you wind your remaining single onto your hand...which can get a little tight or heavy so this takes that burden.

Two "FiberKnotes" notebooks. They have knitters' graph paper, lined pages, and blank pages. Oh, and a bookmark.

And lastly......

I picked up a squid mug from Jennie the Potter. It was the only one like it she had it became mine in a heartbeat.

So, full disclosure and all that. Happy knitting and spinning!


  1. V. proud to be part of your collection, hope you enjoy spinning the wool. We had a lot of fun with you and your california girl, hope to see you next year.

    1. I'm the California girl (haha, I might live here but I'll always be a Wisconsin girl). I hope to get back home again for it but we'll see how things go. In the meantime, the next fiber festival I get to go to is Lambtown in Dixon, CA, which is this weekend...I hope I get to go....