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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Stretch...

I think I should take a "7th Inning Stretch" or something. There are 10 days until the wedding. Yes, you read that correctly: 10 Days! I'm not really nervous...more like, "C'mon, seriously, we've been planning this for a year, can't it be done already, what's the point of planning if all your plans have to change last minute, seriously, are we done yet?" Brian basically feels the same way.

Within the next 10 days, I have to:
1. Call Quaker Steak & Lube to get the rehearsal dinner menu figured out
2. Meet with the Deputy Sargent-At-Arms at the State Capitol about some things
3. Finish the groomsmen presents (almost done)
4. Look at the Marriage License paperwork and fill out said paperwork
5. Meet with the lawyer about my grandma's POA paperwork
6. Call/e-mail places to change my name on bills/loans/etc.
7. Clean the house
8. Get my dress back and make sure it fits!
9. Start thinking about packing for our honeymoon
10. Pack for our honeymoon
11. Pay for some things in advance (flowers, rings, sound system, reception)
12. Clean at the reception place
13. Stop the mail whilst we're gone
14. Make phone calls about RSVPs that we haven't gotten back yet
15. Make sure I have all my books for classes
16. Anything else I've forgotten

Seriously, too much stuff to get done.

But, I've been knitting a lot (like that's a surprise)...but I still can't tell you what I'm working on in case one of my groomsmen finds this place by accident (which is possible, albeit unlikely). I'll post pictures the day before the wedding, probably......or maybe whilst I'm gone. I don't know.

But, for now......that list calls.

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