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Monday, January 30, 2012

Missed it Monday: Update #2

So, again, I missed something over the weekend....or, rather, it didn't exactly belong on my Self-Imposed Year of Projects update from yesterday.

I guess that makes today: Missed It Monday

What did I miss? A valid question. It's not exactly "missed" but, rather something I was going to mention that I completely forgot to mention. And that's okay. That's what Missed It Monday is for...

Some of you may remember my Things I'd Like to Accomplish: The 2012 Editions (and if you don't, you can go look - I'll wait). There were things on the General List: cleaning the house, organizing the paperwork, organizing my books, organizing my recipes & cookbooks, organizing baby stuff, and getting back to running/workouts. There were also things on the Crafting List: learning a new knitting technique, make at least one crocheted item, finish four pairs of socks, get my yarn stash, roving, and  needles on Ravelry, make a(nother) sweater or something, work on my spinning, and baby knitting.

For the General List, I've worked on a couple things like organizing paperwork and my recipes. But, what I really wanted to talk about was the Crafting List.

I've pulled out my wheel recently. After the icky feeling I got last week, I needed something that wasn't knitting but was fiber-related. So, out came my wheel. I purchased about three pounds of wool from a local lady (okay. so it takes me 25 minutes to get to her place but still, that's pretty local) and started spinning. I bought three different kinds (colors) of fiber: a light grey, a dark grey, and a tweedy white. I took out the light grey, weighed out about two ounces and started spinning. I have a bobbin that's almost full and it was only about an ounce. I don't know what that says about me...but for a single-ply, it's not too bad, especially when you consider that I haven't spun in awhile.

It was nice to spin.

The other thing I did was I learned a new knitting technique. It's nothing fancy, just a new cast on method. Normally, I do long-tail or knitted cast ons for projects. After frogging my Lothlorien Hat and re-starting...several times...I decided that I should learn a new cast on method. So, I turned to the old stand-by: You Tube. I looked up cabled cast on for knitting, watched the video, and realized that it wasn't as hard as people liked to tell me and that it wasn't going to work well for the hat. So, I didn't finish the cast on in the cabled cast on because it wouldn't have had enough stretch for a hat (it's good for things that don't require extra stretch). But...the point is that I learned how to do something new in the realm of knitting.

I can scratch something off my big list. Hoooooooray :)

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  1. Yeah! Learning something new!

    Glad you had your wheel to turn to after that nastiness last week.