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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Life Less Filled with Husband....

Let's see.....aside from my usual Self-Imposed Year of Projects updates on Sunday, I've been rather quiet as of late.

Husband left for California last Thursday. I've been without him for a week. It feels like a month or a year...definitely more than a week. They took a sort of roundabout way to get to San Francisco. "They" being my husband and a friend of his, known in this house as "Uncle Joe." Anyway, they drove straight through to Denver last Thursday. On Friday, they went from Denver, through Utah (which is apparently more boring to drive through than Nebraska), down to the Grand Canyon, and then to Las Vegas. On Saturday, they drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and stayed with a friend there (he was best man when Husband and I got married). They finally got to San Francisco on Sunday. With the holiday on Monday, he didn't actually start his new job until Tuesday. 

With Husband leaving me to pack up the house, Little Man had to go into daycare. He's never been in daycare. We had no idea how he'd react. He definitely wasn't happy about it and he definitely took it out on us.

And then along came last Friday morning. With Friday morning came a couple episodes of puking and a fever. That means Little Man earned himself a trip to the emergency room. Because of his metabolic disorder (VLCAD), if he can't keep food down, he needs to be put on an IV.

So, we spent a few hours in the emergency room on Friday. We were told that he had a viral infection and that it should start going away on its own. Translation: he has a cold, stop being a panicky parent. I have license to be a panicky parent because of his metabolic disorder. I know he has a cold. He's puking and that's the problem.

Anyway, moving on. Little Man spent Friday afternoon at home with me, mucking up my schedule and getting me sick in the process.

Mama's sick little boy, busy watching "Sherlock" on PBS

Saturday, we spent a lot of time cuddling on the couch watching copious amounts of Shaun the Sheep and having lots of Gatorade with Polycose powder added (extra sugar, basically). Sunday afternoon, after his nap, Little Man spiked a nasty fever. It was 101.4°F at home. And then he started dry heaving. So, another trip to the emergency room. At the emergency room, his fever had further spiked to 103.2°F. We spent almost seven hours in the ER on Sunday. They had an awful time getting the IV line in, then the blood for the lab tests coagulated and we didn't find out until about four hours later, then they couldn't get blood from the IV line and had to call in the IV team to run a new IV line, then we were still there for another two hours. It was a mess and I was not pleased with it. I was also a little miffed because they kept telling me that it was just a viral infection. Um....if it was a viral infection he should have been getting better, not worse, by that point.

Mama, the ER makes me sleepy...

After the IV team put in the second IV (the splint was to keep from breaking it)

We spent Monday doing a fair amount of cuddling but we also did some playing and he was starting to act a little more normally. Tuesday, I took him to daycare. He was fine. He played. He coughed on all his friends. He had plenty of boogers. He brought home half the sandbox. The usual. Yesterday, I took him to daycare and went to go to a workout before I started cleaning. He was only there a little over an hour when I got the call that he had spiked a fever again and was refusing food.

I picked him up and took him home. He ate like a little piggy for me but he still had a fever so I called the local clinic and said he needed to be seen today (which was yesterday). They had an opening at 2pm and we took it. In the meantime, I called the metabolic doctor's office and let them know what was going on and that I was not, under any circumstances, going back to the emergency room with him. They were okay with that as long as he was eating, and he was.

When we got to the new pediatrician's office, we talked about what was going on and then she started checking him over. No wheezing, plenty of coughing and snot, all typical of a cold. Then she looked in his left ear and said, "that's not good." Not something you want to hear from a doctor. She said he definitely had an ear infection in that ear. She looked in the other ear and said, "well, no wonder you're cranky." He has a double ear infection. That's most likely what caused the fever spike. She ordered a script of Amoxicillin for him and said if he wasn't feeling better in a day or two that I should bring him back in.

I took him to daycare today. He was fine. He played with his friends. He made poop and boogers. No fever. Ate like a little piggy.

And all the while, I'm still snotting out my nose, coughing, and feeling generally miserable. I'd rather be sick than have him sick, though. Husband has asked a couple times if I want him to come home and I keep telling him, "no" because I don't want him to get sick or screw up his new job or any of that.

Needless to say...I'm stressed out.

At least he's not stressed out.

I'll be back on Sunday with a Self-Imposed Year of Projects update.......though I'm pretty sure nothing has really changed. Oh well.


  1. Emergency rooms are scary. Your little guy is very brave and so are you.
    Glad to hear he is feeling better.

  2. I hope everyone is better pronto! I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you both:)

  3. ((hugs)) It'll get better...and so will you...

  4. What an ordeal for you two :O(. I'm sure your husband was worried as well and hated being so far away from you two. Hope you're feeling better now.