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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm a little late getting going on the WIP Wednesday goodness this week. This may, partly, be due to the fact that I needed some natural light to take photos and at 11:30pm, it just isn't feasible. So, I waited until this morning. And other things happen on Wednesday mornings, mainly laundry.

But, let's get on with things.....

Little Man's Giraffe. I mentioned that I started working on him again. You can see his ears on the left, his tail, one horn, and some of the spots on the right. Oh, and Little Man is in the background. I had to put this project on a minor time-out because I got frustrated trying to make the second horn. I don't understand why it's so difficult to CO three stitches, and knit around until it's a certain length. I did the first one just fine. So, I'm putting this on time out and working on a couple other things... this. Sweet Girl's Hippo. I don't know why this has taken me as long as it has. Seriously. It's easy as pie. I finished up the head last week, stuffed it, and sewed it onto the body and spent a couple hours working on the arms and the one leg (including the running stitch, stuffing them, and whip stitching them). I have the other leg, two little ears, a tail, and the face and I'm done with this project. There's no reason why it's taken me this long. It also looks like I'm going to have a good amount of the purple left and almost a full skein of the pink (the purple is darker than what's showing up). I'm thinking that I'll make Sassy Girl (Sweet Girl's baby sister; Husband's nieces) a snake or something out of the yarn. Or maybe I'll just make socks. Who knows. Anyway, it's absolutely silly that I haven't finished this. I suspect that it'll make an FO Friday appearance within the next week and a half. We shall see...I need to find the floss to do the face.

Icarus Shawl. The lifeline that I stuck in there was at the beginning of the second chart and I haven't bothered to move it. This project is on a temporary time-out until I locate the next skein of yarn. I haven't run out of the first skein yet but I suspect I will before I finish the shawl. ::sigh:: I still haven't located the yarn, though :(

Also, the colors are showing up weird again. It's not as blue as what's showing up. The blues are more of a green. The yellow also isn't as yellow...more of a greenish yellow. Kind of muddy, actually. 


Joseph Sweater. I briefly mentioned that I was doing a test knit for a kid sweater. I also mentioned that it would be a stashbuster, help cure my Startitis, help someone else out with a design, and Little Man would have a sweet little sweater for a couple years down the road. Silly me. What was I thinking? Stashbust? Me? No way, Jose! I bought new yarn and am using it for this project. The yarn is Tasmania from Artfibers in San Francisco. My (unblocked) gauge is almost perfect so I'm guessing that it'll be fine. I did ask someone else that has used this yarn and she said that it bounced back really well so I'm hoping that (1) it won't grow too much and (2) she was right about it keeping it's shape down the road. We'll see. I've only just started the first sleeve so there's not much going on yet but I do like how the colors knit up. It's a bit more brown than this photograph is showing but it does have splashes of blues, greens, yellows, and purples. I also love the feel of the yarn in my fingers. It's sustainable extra fine 100% merino.

Also, not a WIP but I'm still going to show you: I participated in a Hallowe'en Swap with the Yarnaholics Anonymous group on Ravelry and this is my package from Gale.

In case you can't tell when you click the photo to embiggen, there's a pattern, two temporary tattoo books (Sea Creatures & Dinosaurs) for Little Man, a Hallowe'en light for Trick-Or-Treating (it has a flashlight, a blue light that is either on or flashes, and a whistle), some 3D spider stickers, some chocolate, a skein of Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale Solid (the orange) which I assume is to go with the pattern, and three skeins of Lana Grossa Come (the burgundy ones). Woooo-hoo! I love swap packages :)

Anyway, for more WIP Wednesday fun, visit Tami :) I'll be back on Friday with some FOs and then on Sunday for my Self-Imposed Year of Projects Update!


  1. You are on a roll :O). Love what's goin' on w/you.

    1. I hope to keep the roll going but I hit a (minor) stumbling block on the test knit. I e-mailed the designer a question so I'm waiting for her to ponder and get back to me :)

      I suppose I should work on the hippo instead :)

  2. I can't wait to finally see a finished giraffe...starting to think it was a myth! Love the hippo colors...

    and yeah stashbust..what's that? Love the new yarn...I just requested something from a LYS...

    1. I promise it's there and I do work on it. I'm so frustrated about that horn, though. Seriously. Three stitches should not be that difficult to work in the round. ::sigh::

  3. Hold on, CO three stitches and work around? Girl, that is icord. Save yourself some trouble.

    1. I never thought of it but you're right, it basically is an i-cord. The only thing since I made the first one, I want them to look the same...I'll make one an i-cord and see how bad it looks. I think I'm supposed to stick part of a plastic straw up there or something.

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the completed giraffe and hippo. No pressure but they are cute now and with faces and being all done they will be adorable!