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Monday, December 17, 2012

Missed It Monday: The Travel Edition

Happy Monday!

We arrived back in California late last night (early this morning?). Our flight from Milwaukee (Wisconsin) to Minneapolis/St. Paul (Minnesota) was fairly uneventful. The plane wasn't even half full. Little Man spent most of that flight watching an episode of Shaun the Sheep on Husband's iPad. He was very upset when we had to turn it off and screamed a lot but, luckily (?) we were near the engines in the back so no one really heard. Our flight from Minneaplis/St. Paul to San Francisco was uneventful but annoying. The flight was almost full (I think there were maybe 7 or 8 empty seats on the entire flight) and there were a bunch of pretentious jerks on this flight. I know California is a fairly selfish culture but some of these people needed to be slapped. Hard. One lady kept insisting that her bag would fit under the seat or in an overhead compartment. It didn't fit under the seats so she started taking other people's bags out of the overhead compartments so she could fit her (EMPTY) bag, even though all the overhead compartments were full. Seriously. Her bag was E-M-P-T-Y empty! She even said it was empty! And she refused to check it. She wanted everyone else to check their bag so she could fit hers in an overhead compartment. Her bag didn't even fit in an overhead compartment! She also insisted that her seat was changed last minute at the counter right before we got on the plane but they refused to print her a new boarding pass. She kept saying she was supposed to have three seats to herself because her empty bag needed a seat. Then there was the family of three across the aisle from us, mom and her two daughters (2 years and maybe 8 years old). The 8 year old was fine. She read her book and slept. The 2 year old was a fairly typical 2 year old that didn't have anything to do. She screamed a lot, threw tantrums, screamed some more and her mother just sat there, doing absolutely nothing to calm her. In fact, mom kept shoving her off because she was sleeping. I wouldn't have cared if Little Man had been awake but he was sleeping and every time she really started up with the screaming, she woke him up. I was ready to get up and slap the mother; I was so disgusted with her. Also, I was trying to sleep. The three people directly in front of us were trying to sleep. The three people in front of them were trying to sleep.

It was not a fun time.

We walked into our apartment around 1:50am. Little Man was fully awake by then but luckily went down for the night fairly easily.

Because we spent the weekend in Wisconsin, my days are all messed up. In my head, it should be some other day than Monday. I know it's Monday but my brain wants to keep thinking that it's Saturday or Sunday and by the time WIP Wednesday or FO Friday come around, I probably won't have anything ready. ::sigh::

Anyway, I expect that the next few weeks will be a bit scatterbrained. That's fine. It's the helliday season and it happens every year.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. If I can get some photos from Husband from the weekend/wedding, I shall share. I think there's a good one of me motorboating the bride. Just sayin'.


  1. You, my friend have just explained why I'm in no mood to travel with two toddlers. Glad you're back!

    1. Traveling with toddlers is difficult enough without the craziness from others :)

  2. OMG. You're kidding about the lady buying seats for her bag, right? I wish people like that could see video of themselves played back so they realize how silly they look to the rest of us.

    1. I wish I were kidding. I'm not 100% sure she bought an actual seat for her bag but she made it sound like she bought two seats. I wanted to slap her.

  3. Really no difference between the child acting up and the adult with the empty bag acting up! YIKES... When I traveled when my son was young, I always tried to let fellow passangers know that I've done my best to be fully prepared for anything, hoping to keep chris from disturbing least then they know that their comfort is important to me...

  4. Wow! Sounds like a nightmare plane trip...glad you are home safe and sound....

  5. I've heard about ppl getting loco near the holidays. These are definitely examples! Where were the flight attendants when that lady started going off about her bag? And shame on that mother for not stepping up to the plate with her toddler and prepping for such a long flight.