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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Y2: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #10

Happy Sunday! I'm heading into my 10th week of my Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects. I suppose you could say that I'm right on track...whatever "track" that may be :)

Finished Objects (FOs)
1. San Francisco Fog Fingerless Mitts: started January 2, 2013; finished January 10, 2013
2. Don't Blink: started January 16, 2013; finished January 16, 2013  (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
3. Dalek Dishcloth: started January 16, 2013; finished January 21, 2013 (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
4. Woven Rib Dishcloth: started February 8, 2013; finished February 11, 2013
5. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010; finished February 14, 2013
Little Granite Dishcloth: started February 16, 2013; finished March 2, 2013

Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
1. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): started June 29, 2012
2. Eat Your Monkey Socks: started November 29, 2012
3. Little Man's Vest: started January 16, 2013

4. Garter Stripe Baby Socks: started March 3, 2013
5. Freeport Vest: started March 7, 2013

Obviously some form of Startitis has overtaken me. I started two projects this last week. I've neglected both pairs of socks for me in favor of working on Little Man's Vest and the two new projects. The Garter Stripe Baby Socks are supposed to fit a baby...but I'm using sport weight yarn and larger needles and they fit Little Man. I'm at the toe decrease for the first sock and I've tried it on Little Man a couple times. I think I'm going to make them a little larger so he can wear therm later. Or not. We'll see how things go. I also started my Freeport Vest (finally). I actually swatched for this project. It turns out I'm a tighter knitter than the designer because in order to get gauge, I had to go down a needle size. ::sigh:: I'm using Malabrigo Chunky in two colors of blue. You'll see it someday, hopefully not three years from now.

I spent some time winding yarn this week, due to, you know, starting a new project. My swift attaches quite nicely to our kitchen counter but I don't have a place to put the ball winder. So, I wound my yarn into balls by hand. Little Man wanted to help but his version of helping was to run around me in circles, tripping over the yarn or holding onto the yarn and not allowing me to actually wind it. It was so cute that I couldn't get mad about it. 

Anyway, that means my lists look like this:

Children's Items 
1. "Little 16" Newborn Socks
2. Baby Surprise Jacket
3. Toddler Socks
4. Alvin Sweater
5. A New Sock Monkey
6. Stig
7. Greyson (need to purchase)

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting FTW!)
1. Rose's Wrist Warmers
2. Viking Bag
3. Campfire Socks
4. Red Dwarf Socks
5. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts
6. Ardys

Household Items
1. Halloween Creepy Cloths (1) (need to purchase)
2. Halloween Creepy Cloths (2) (need to purchase)
3. Assorted Harry Potter Cloths
4. Assorted Doctor Who Cloths
5. Grrlfriend Market Bag
6. Petal Dishcloth

Designs (which may or may not be sooper seekrit - obviously the sooper seekrit ones aren't listed)
1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (4 versions)
3. Assorted dishcloths (set of 12?)
4. Traveling Vines Scarf
5. Traveling Vines Socks (baby for sure, maybe adult-sized as well)
6. Pinwheel Market Bag
7. Anything else that comes along (I have a notebook somewhere with potential designs somewhere) 

In "real life" news...

Unpacking has slowed down, though there's still plenty to unpack. At this point, I need to make room to further unpack, if that makes any sense. I think we're going to need a couple more bookshelves but I'm not quite sure where to put them. And I have more furniture to put together to house some of our glassware, specifically beer and wine glasses, and our liquor. My two bookshelves are to bottom, front to back, including things sitting on top of them. I've worked through some of the things I put on there, including my teacher files (which were significantly pared down) and my books (which were not pared down at all). I was able to make more room by doing that...not anything significant but it did help...and every little bit helps. 

There isn't much else going on aside from unpacking and occasionally knitting. We think we have some sort of unwelcome critter under our back deck. I'm guessing it's either a raccoon, possum, or cat. Unfortunately, Animal Control doesn't deal with "nuisance" animals unless they're dead or otherwise harming someone else (or another animal, like Puppy). We did get a couple ideas of how to get it out. We'll see if it works. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I should be back sometime this week with my Past Due Book Review and probably my Yarn Review...and maybe I can figure out how to embed a video of Little Man watching the opening to Wall-E because it's cute and people should see it :)


  1. I think "on track" means making any sort of progress. I doubt I'll finish my list this year, but I might finish two-thirds of it. And hopefully get lots of Christmas knitting done early :)

    1. I doubt I'll finish my list this year, too...but I'm working, albeit slowly. That counts, right?

  2. I'll never finish my list, but it's all in one place...and I love need to see that video!

    1. If I can figure out how to post a video (again - I've only done it once), I'll post it. It's really cute :)

  3. I think your well on track with your list and I love the look of your vest so I look forward to that.

    1. I was hoping to be going a bit faster but unpacking takes a lot out of me, unfortunately. And all the other projects I have going....

  4. That's a lot of knitting and a lot of unpacking.

    1. More unpacking, less knitting...but I'm still knitting :)

  5. glad you are settling in..any chance of getting a "have a heart" trap for the critter? I actually got rid of all my books...I never thought I would, but I did..very hard to do but I'm glad I did...shh, swatching can be a dirty word..

    1. Unfortunately, trapping is illegal in the city and releasing is even worse. I really dislike that idea because I was all for doing a live trap and taking whatever it was out to Tahoe or somewhere to release but when I talked to animal control and the wildlife group, I was told that trapping is illegal and releasing somewhere outside the city could kill the animal because they grew up in an urban area and wouldn't know how to fend for themselves. ::sigh:: I just want it out before it does damage to the house, my yard, my dog, or Little Man.

  6. I abandoned most of my other knitting projects to focus on a vest for my little guy. I am fighting startitus! good luck with your critter!!

    1. Since the vest is going to be too big, I'm not too worried about getting it done soon. I'm hoping to finish up his socks soon enough, though :)

  7. I don't think I'm going to finish my list either, but at least it gives me a lot of choice of what to do! And glad the unpacking is going well, moving house always takes a lot longer than you think it will, especially when you're also sorting stuff at the same time.