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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Must. Design. NOW!


The design bug has hit me again. Generally speaking, the design bug hits me every few days but it's rare that I keep getting hit over and over again (daily) with (mental) demands like, "DRAW ME OUT" or "KNIT ME NOW" or "THAT CAN WAIT, KNIT ME NOW, DESIGN ME, LOVE ME, DEARGODWHYWON'TYOUPAYATTENTIONTOME?!"

Soooooo....I'm searching (digging, really) for my knitting paper and I've been rummaging through stitch dictionaries for just the right "thing" and I have (several) ideas swirling in my head and I don't know which one I want to start with.

I'll share with you some tidbits about what's going on in my head:

1. A scarf (or two or three) based off of Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth.
2. A(nother) baby blanket. With cables. No idea why, though.
3. A market bag, probably using superwash wool rather than cotton but we'll see what I have.
4. Cabled hat, chunky yarn.

And that's just what has stopped swirling around long enough to be written down. There's more, trust me...

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Am I nuts?


  1. Go for it. Noncrafters tho don't realize how hard it can be to design for knitting and how long it takes. I mean it took me just one week to at least get inspired and play around with ideas on graph paper and how it'll translate to knitting sts. Then I had to play with gauge. A change in gauge changes my Fair Isle chart!

    1. The process would go faster if I could find my chart paper.