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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mid-Month Update: September Goals!

Happy middle-of-the-month! Somehow, it doesn't seem possible that it's already the middle of September. Didn't we just have July or something?

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're kind of having that weird fluctuation between summer and fall. Last week it was blazing hot to the point that I actually put up a dark sheet in the front windows to help keep the house cool (in addition to the two little air conditioners we have running full-blast all day for four days straight, except at night). This week it's cooled down considerably, though it's still predicted to be in the low-70s around my house all week. That's not cold but it's much colder than it has been. But then I saw somewhere that next week, it's supposed to maybe pop back up into the low-80s. ::sigh::

But, we're not here to talk about that.....we're here to discuss my mid-month update for my September Goals :)

1. Work on the following (and maybe finish one or two of): Snape's StockingsWinkDragon's Egg SocksPacific ShawlFire & Ice (Fire) SocksPetty Harbour SocksLittle Man's Hat, and Sacrificial Goat #6.

I've done quite a bit of work here. I finished up the goat and the Petty Harbour Socks (FO Friday post about those is here). I've finished the first chart on my Dragon's Egg Sock (of the second sock), I finished gusset decreases on my first Fire Sock, I've made a chart and started on it for Little Man's hat....also, I started two new projects (which I'll mention later). My Pacific Shawl and Wink haven't seen much action but I've been busy otherwise so I'd call that a win :)

2. Card some more puni rolags from the purple merino/silk blend and maybe spend some time spinning it.

Yeah, this hasn't happened. I've been doing other things.

3. Try to partake in a fibery endeavor every day.

Trying. Not always succeeding. But trying!

4. Get back on the Yarn Diet Train (club yarns, of course, do not count).

Um...........yeah, no. I picked up more yarn at A Verb for Keeping Warm the other day (sock yarn). Oops. But that's it. I swear! Oh, and the skein that Carrie brought me the other day. But that doesn't count as breaking my yarn's just yarn coming into my stash :)

5. Anything else that tickles my fibery fancy (starting a new project, destashing, book destashing, organizing, etc.).

I've started two new projects, as I mentioned above. I started the bunny from Itty-Bitty Toys for Stormageddon. I hope to have it done by Christmas but let's not hold our breath. Other things may have to happen first. I also started a test knit hat for Veronica Parsons, tentatively called the Lattice Hat. One of the skeins of yarn that I bought at AVFKW the other day was for this it doesn't really count as stash, right? 

1. Reorganize clothes in Stormageddon's and Little Man's closet.

I've done a little bit of this but what I really need to do is go through them and pull out ones that are too small.

2. Go through Little Man's toys.

We actually did this a little on Sunday. I was fed up with his room looking like a pigpen so I hauled everything out from under his bed and made him pick up and put things away properly, we threw out some broken toys or toys with missing pieces, and he gave a couple toys to Stormageddon. It looks halfway decent in there. For now. But we need to get rid of more.

3. Drink more water.

Trying........not doing too well. 

4. Try to go to the gym at least 2x/week or some other method of exercise.

My gym membership expired so I need to get that taken care of. I have the new one purchased; I just need to go over there and activate it. But I'm still walking to and from school with Little Man so there's something going on.

5. Family history/genealogy stuff: photo albums, family stories, etc.

Nope. I should get going on that...

6. Keep working on the weight loss shit (thank you, Lose It app for doing the math and such for me).

I'm still working on it. It's still slowly going down. Slowly. 

7. Keep up on the pseudo bullet journal thingie I'm doing.

I'm doing okay with this. There have been a few days where I've either forgotten or fallen behind but it's okay.

8. Read The Hobbit.

Nope. Oops.

9. Work on my recipe journal.

I had every intention to pull this out and work on it.....and then I realized I had a split in my thumb (of my writing hand). I couldn't write and it sucked. It's mostly healed now so I should be able to get going on this again sometime. We shall see.

Overall, September is going too horribly. There are still things to do but I'm doing fairly well.

I hope you pop back in on Friday for a lovely announcement (FO Friday!) :)

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  1. I like how you have high expectations of yourself but go with the flow.