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Friday, June 10, 2016

Stash Enhancement: CLUBS!

Happy Friday!

No, I'm not showing off an FO today, even though I do, technically, have one....but the ends still need to be woven in and I need to wash/block it and I need to find buttons. So, no Gex (yet) but, I do have some stash acquisitions to show you (finally!).

Since my LYS closed in March, I've not really purchased much. I think I've picked up a couple skeins in destashes/shop updates and my club yarns and maybe one purchase of Kroy sock yarn. So, they've been few and far between. And I've been lazy.

So, today, I have club shipments!

Firstly, we have my club shipment for Erin Lane Bags' Indie Yarn Carnival. I think this was the May shipment...or maybe it was the late April one or something. Anyway, it's my most recent one.

The bag is her basic sock project bag (the bottom photo shows it better) and the yarn came from KnitCircus. I love KnitCircus and I'm sad that I no longer live nearby. Many moons ago, when I first started knitting (okay, it was probably 2008), I joined the Madison Knitters' Guild. MKG is the biggest knitters guild in the country. Both Jaala Spiro & Amy Detjen, the purveyors of KnitCircus, are members. Back when Jaala was still doing the KnitCircus Magazine, she put out a call for some models for some of the projects. I was newly pregnant with Little Man, so this was probably the spring of 2010. Anyway, I ended up modeling the Tachimawari Socks (yes, the top and bottom photos are of me) and she was quite lovely to work with. We're acquaintances more than anything but she's still fabulous. When she quit the magazine and started dyeing yarn in her basement, I was intrigued but I had so much yarn and we were moving and blah blah, I never got in on it. And then, last year, they had a Kickstarter to get out of the basement and into a proper shop where they could dye yarn, sell yarn, have classes, and you know, be a shop. I funded said Kickstarter and my swag was a spot in the Gradient Yarn Club (which you will see in a moment).

So, that's my story about KnitCircus.

Anyway, the yarn that came with my Erin Lane Bag shipment was the Greatest of Ease base (80/20 Merino/Nylon) in Meet Me At The Fair. I keep thinking a shawl of some sort for all these gradients because I don't know that socks would work well...maybe if they were the matched gradient sock (you get two mini-skeins that match) but they're just the regular gradients. So, there's that.

My other shipment was, of course, my KnitCircus Gradient Club shipment. So I got two skeins of KnitCircus gradients in a row :)

This is the Triumphant base (100% merino) in The Knit Sky. Obviously it's made to look like the night sky. Again, a shawl of some sort. I keep thinking of a crescent shawl of some sort. I might have to go off designing something...maybe not.

But, we got a bonus bag (and button, which you cannot see very well on the bag)! The bags were made by Andi Smith, who I know better as the writer of Big Foot Knits. She is also quite lovely. I met her a couple years ago at Stitches West in the Cooperative Press booth (probably 2014).

So, stash enhancement acquisitions and such :) Exciting times.

I'll be back on Sunday for my Year of Projects update and that's wonderful :)


  1. I love it when yarn is caked up like that and shows off its colors.

  2. oooh, both skeins are so lovely, and I love the project bags- what a great idea to have the bags and the yarn together! I never seem to have enough project bags....

  3. I've looked at the knitcircus site, but have not bought anything yet. I love the blue one...and I'm not such a blue fan.