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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Stash Enhancement: Indie Yarn Carnival and a few other things...

Happy Saturday :)

I've acquired some yarn recently, some of it by my own volition....okay, all of it is by my own volition but one was a club shipment and the rest were because I'm having a thing in my head about sock cuffs and heels and toes right now.

Anyway, let's see it already!

This is a skein of Miss Babs Yowza in the appropriate name "Top of the Ferris Wheel" because it's from my most recent shipment from ErinLane Bags Indie Yarn Carnival (seriously, it came a couple days ago).

And the bag that came along, of course. I'm not positive but I think this is what Lindsey deems the "Small Project Bag" on the website.

A pattern also came along for the ride so here's a shot of all three:

The pattern is the Brave Shawl, which is not in the Ravelry database (yet).

I also went to Michael's the other day with a bug in my pants for some plain white or grey or something not black yarn for sock cuffs, heels, and toes. Don't ask me what I was thinking because I think I was pondering #operationsockdrawer (which you can find out more about if you listen to the Knitmore Girls podcast) and Susan B. Anderson's #soskal (which is for her Smooth Operator Socks KAL). Anyway, these came home......

Patons Kroy, which is a workhorse sock yarn that I've used before (my Vanilla Latte socks).

And two separate skeins of Loops & Threads Woolike. The top is more of a white/undyed and the bottom is slightly on the grey side. The only thing I'm worried about with these two is actual yarn weight. It's classified as a light fingering weight, which is fine for socks....but most of my socks are just a normal fingering weight so I'm a little worried that it'll be too thin for what I'm planning to use it for but we'll see how it goes.

I hope you've enjoyed this little quickie stash update :) I will, hopefully, be linking up with Tammy soon enough. I'll be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update :)


  1. Whoa, that Miss Babs colourway is so gorgeous!! I like the project bag, it definitely goes with the yarn. You have so many stash enhancements, it's amazing! Do you have a basement that's just filled with yarn?

    1. I have a little closet with bins of fibery goodness....but not a basement. Sadly, basements are not a thing where I live (I WISH!)...but even if we had them, I'm not sure I'd store yarn down there. So, closet it will be :)

  2. Your new knitting bag rocks. I like the dark mixed with the pops of color.