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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stash Enhancement: Another LYS closed and I have no self-control

Happy Saturday :)

Today, we're here for another stash enhancement update. Oops. I fell off that yarn diet wagon so frickin' hard these last couple weeks.

Oh well. Yarn is pretty and it makes me happy.

As I mentioned in the title, the Bay Area has lost another yarn shop: Purlescence Yarns. It was a bit of a drive for me (30 minutes in good traffic - over an hour or more if traffic was crap) but so worth going down there. I have been there a couple times over the last 5 or 6 weeks and each time, I came home with all the things...but apparently not all the things because I kept coming home with more. ::sigh::

Anyway, let's see the pretties!

Five skeins of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Shamrock. I purchased this with a project in mind: Park Slope by Laura Aylor. I have more than enough (I think my size only calls for 1100 yds and I have something like 2100 yds). Oh well, I could make a long-sleeved one. Or 3/4 sleeves. Or...something. I don't know.

Two skeins of MJ Yarns American Worsted. The top is "Ether" and the bottom is "Soul Fissure." I have another skein of the black, which I totally forgot about but, you know, it's not a big deal.

Two skeins of MJ Yarns Opulent Fingering in "Yang Fa" (top) and "Party Punch" (bottom). No idea what these are going to grow up to be...I suppose we'll see.

Apparently I wanted all the yarns from MJ Yarns. This is the Silken DK in "Blue Magic."

In addition to those purchases, one of the people I follow on Instagram does a yarn sale on Thursday and Friday late afternoons (well, it's late afternoon here) and I picked these up:

LYDIA Yarns Sock in "Prince of Purple," which is, of course, an homage to his royal highness, Prince.

And lastly, a skein of Knitted Wit Victory Fingering in "Velvet Elvis," because why not? It spoke to me and wanted to come home with me.

I might have a problem. Of course, this blog isn't titled, "Confessions of someone that appreciates yarn and only buys it when she needs it."

I suppose it fits well :)

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, with my Year of Projects update. Today, we may or may not be at ComiCon San Francisco. Maybe we're doing both.


  1. So much gorgeous yarn! That Shamrock colourway will be great for Park Slope.