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Friday, December 16, 2016

Mid-month update: December 2016

Happy mid-month! I'm a little late but I started a little late and things just are not going as planned this month. Butter spread too thinly over bread. That's me this month.

Anyway, let's see what's happening....

Fibery Goals
1. Work on the following (and maybe finish something): Wink,  the Smooth Operator SocksStormageddon's Vest, the Oh, She IS a Bad Nut shawl, or Hermione's Everyday Socks
2. Proper destash work (photos, updating the database on Ravelry, etc.)
3. Partake in a fibery endeavor at least 4x/week.
4. Yarn Diet (clubs don't count).
5. Finish the needle/hook inventory & decide what to destash.
6. Stash inventory.
7. Finish up the second half of the Corriedale from Frene Creek Farm.
8. Unravel a sweater. Maybe two. Or four.
9. Anything else that comes along.

I've not finished anything but I've worked on everything on that list at least a little bit, which is progress. My destash, on the other hand.....noooooope. Fibery time a few times a week....some weeks have been better than others. My yarn diet is right out the window. Hook & needle inventory hasn't been finished. Stash inventory hasn't even been started. Spinning? Noooope. Unraveling sweaters? Noooope. 


Non-Fibery Goals
1. Clean in Little Man's room (go through toys & books, specifically).
2. Organize loose recipes.
3. Go through all our dishes.
4. Gym and/or some other form of exercise.
5. Work on the weight loss shit (woo).
6. Keep up on the (new) bullet journal.
7. Post a few items for sale.
8. Christmas & all that goes with wrapping presents and shopping and such.
9. Try to take some time for myself.

Cleaning in Little Man's room happened this past weekend, which was both good and gross. Good because his room is clean and mostly organized. Gross because we found a dead mouse in the bottom of one of his stuffed animal bins. HORK! I've been going to the gym pretty regularly, keeping up on the journal, and the Christmas crap........but that's about it. ::sigh::

This month is just not going as well as planned. 


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