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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stash Enhancement: No, seriously, I'm on a yarn diet....

Happy Saturday!

It occurred to me this past week that I may have neglected a StevenBe Inappropriate shipment. And then there were the.....other items that showed up.

So, let's have a chat about my stash acquisitions :)

Firstly, let's get to the items that came in *mumblemumble* several weeks ago *mumblemumble*

I participated in a swap on Ravelry. I've done plenty of swaps, including a previous year of this one. Anyway, this swap is known as the Claudio Sanchez Swap in LSG. It's inception stems from one of our beloved members of LSG getting a random package with a bunch of random....well, random shit, really. I think this was three years ago now. Just weird things from someone's house. If I remember correctly, one of the things she got was one of those packages of Affy Tapples with one of them missing (Affy Tapples are caramel-covered apples...taffy apples, basically, and you can buy them around Halloween in packages of 3), a tea towel, a little tin of soaps or something like that...just bizarre stuff that people have around their house that they may never use but just, you know, have. The box didn't have a return address other than "Claudio Sanchez" where the return address would go. Based on the contents of the box, there were a few "rules" that came about, including one known as "The Holy two-thirds" wherein you get 2/3 of something (because Affy Tapples), and you can't go out and buy anything for the swap; everything has to come from your house and be not gross. In other words, we don't want your old retainers or anything. Yarn is customary but not a hard-set rule (but, really, we all send yarn). For example, the box I sent contained a couple of those travel-sized toothpastes you get from your dentist, an unused pregnancy test, a notebook, an old copy of Lord of the Flies that I bought at a garage sale intending to read but, really, I didn't read it...uh, what else was in there...some Proactiv bottles, Halloween stickers, a pin from Mexico....oh, and of course, yarn.

I, in turn, received a box from someone else. I'm not going to go through the entire contents of the box but I will show you the yarn and knitting magazine I received :)

This is the magazine. It's the first, and from what I can tell, the only edition ever printed. It was apparently a UK start-up knitting magazine that just didn't take hold. But, I can knit my own Medusa if I want. It's actually something I might use so I added it to my Ravelry library.

I was also gifted a Clover Kritter Case, specifically the crocodile, which is difficult to find. I had no idea what it was but now that I know, I might have to hold onto it for awhile.

In addition to many other things in the bag, I found a ziplock with yarn. I didn't delve in until a few days weeks later. Upon initial viewing, I thought it was a bag of the same kind of yarn...and I was mostly right.

The four purple skeins are Berroco Flax, which run about 65 yds of worsted weight linen/flax each. So, I have about 195 yds of the violet and 65 yds of the purple...and I have no idea what to do with it. The fifth skein, which I thought was going to be a blue color of the same kind of  yarn....yeah, it turned out to be Malabrigo Finito, which runs about 200 yds of fingering weight. So, there's that :)

But that's not all!

In addition to the Claudio Sanchez swap that I participated in, I also had a shipment come in from StevenBe for my StevenBe Inappropriate. This was my 4th shipment and it came about the middle of November and with everything going on, it just slipped my fingers.

But, let's share now :)

Firstly, the box came with an "Unsolicited Dick Pic" which was a photo of Dick Van Dyke from Marry Poppins. I had a giggle.

Inside the box:

That's the pattern(s), yarn, goodie, and the code for the special area of the StevenBe website.

The book is of Pickups & Come-Ons. I've found quite a few entertaining ones in there.

And, of course, delicious yarn! This one is, again, dyed by Three Irish Girls on their Springvale Worsted base and, as you can see, the colorway is Organ Grindr (which spell-check amazingly did not underline...but it underlined "colorway" ::sigh::).

But wait! There's MORE!

I know, I know. I have a problem. The sad part is that there are at least two more skeins coming. That was 100% a deal I couldn't pass up but I'll tell you about it after they arrive. Anyway, more things have come in...

These first two speak to my love of Hunger Games and, really, my love of Three Irish Girls. These are both Springvale DK. The top is the District 12 colorway and the bottom is the Girl on Fire colorway. I bought them from the same person's destash and I think I'm in lurve.

The second two were also purchased from the same destash. The top is a skein of Wollmeise 80/20 and it was so so cheap. I couldn't pass that one up. Seriously, I think it was $18 (FYI, if you're not familiar, this Wollmeise usually goes for around $32/skein). I don't know the colorway (it's got the "We're Different" label) but it's a dark burgundy. The second one came from home. It's Sun Valley Fibers MCN Fingering in the Cinnamon colorway. I say it came from home and that's not a lie. Jeanette, the purveyor of SVF, is back in Wisconsin and I adore her (and miss her - she was quite fun to sit and knit with). So, that one had to come home with me, too.

These last four skeins all arrived last week. I don't even want to talk about it.

I expect I'll be back again because I already know I've got another two skeins coming.....

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  1. So jealous! Love Hunger Games yarns! But I am to capacity right now...