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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! In the fibery world, Wednesdays are the day we all get together and show off our WIPs (that's works-in-progress, for those of you that are clueless - and that's actually probably not any of you, really).

Anyway, WIP Wednesday...what do I have going on?

Choose Your Own Adventure Dishcloth (links to Project Page)

First up is what I have dubbed the Choose Your Own Adventure Dishcloth. It's nothing fancy and there's no pattern; I'm making things up as I go. I'm using US #8 (5 mm) needles and some unknown cotton, most likely Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. I've had it quite awhile...from when I first attempted knitting almost a decade ago. It's been sitting around ever since. I've slowly been working my way through it...and I think it's all been dishcloths. Oh well. That's what I like to use cotton for :)

Baby Surprise Jacket (links to Project Page)

Next up is my Baby Surprise Jacket. I'm using Araucania Ruca Solid in Periwinkle. It's 100% plant fiber, specifically sugarcane. I'm still working on the decreases that are in the beginning so I've got quite a bit to go but it's coming along...I should probably spend some time working on it again soon. I'm using US #6 circulars (4 mm), by the way. I'm not making this for anyone in particular so I'm in no rush to finish it.

Greyson Sweater (links to Project Page)

Lastly, for this post, we have the Greyson Sweater. I'm currently in a state of....pause. I've finished the body (and the color looks much closer to reality in this photo than from the last WIP Wednesday I participated in). It's still coming out too orange but it's better. Anyway, I'm at the point where I pick up and knit the sleeves. I have a pair of DPNs on loan from Angela (of KnitLuck) because I didn't have the right size for some I should get going on this soon. It probably won't take me that long to do the sleeves but we'll see. I tried this on Little Man, in this current state, and it came down almost to his knees. I suppose that's good since I'm making the 4T size and he's wearing anything from 18M-3T (depends on the company). The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and I'm using US #7 (4.5 mm) and US #5 (3.75 mm) needles. The body is done with the #7s and the ribbing is done with the #5s.

That's all I have as far as WIPs go. I wanted to photograph and show you my Traveling Vines Socks but, you know, I'm still working on the design process...and if I want to publish them somewhere, I may get in trouble for showing you. ::sigh::

I'm linking up with Tami :) 

I have a few more posts that should come up this week...if I can get them together (like my yarn review, photos from Monterey Bay, and maybe something else I'll sneak in).

I hope you're all having a lovely day :)


  1. Everything looks wonderful! Don't you love knitting the baby surprise jacket. It's such a crazy knit but so much fun.

    1. It's definitely interesting to work on. I had actually gotten to the point where you start adding stitches again and I found out my count was wrong, no idea how, so I had frogged it and started over. It's going much better this time...

  2. Love your Greyson Sweater, colours are amazing! Isn't it funny with kids sizing? My 3yo and 1yo could share a wardrobe of course the older is very lean and the younger is my little chubbaluv.

    1. He goes through stages where he'll get really chubby and then he'll shoot up a few inches and he'll stay that way for awhile and repeat the process. It's funny to watch in his baby photos (it was way more obvious when he was younger). I'm sure the sweater will fit him when the time is right. And if it doesn't, he has a cousin that is a year and a half younger than him and she'll fit into it eventually :)

  3. YOu are brave to make a cash sweater for your toddler. The red and grey together are strong and bold. What a fun concept for the dishcloth. It encourages simple designing and thinking out of the box.

    1. It's not 100% cashmere. It's 55% merino, 33% acrylic, and 12% cashmere. So, it's more merino than anything :)

  4. excuse my tardiness in getting to your wip post. Love the Greyson the colours are fab and it's better being to long at least you know he'll grow into it. What is the Araucania like ? I see that in some of the stores I purchase from but as of yet have not tried it ?

    1. You have a hoard of children, one being an infant. I wouldn't worry about reading a blog :)

      The Araucania is...well, it's very soft but it's a little hard on the hands (cotton-like). There's not a lot of give/stretch to it as you're knitting. It's also very drapey. I think this would make a good shawl (or something else that requires a lot of drape). I'm not sure a BSJ is the right choice for this yarn but it'll be for a small, mostly immobile it'll work :)