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Monday, February 13, 2012

Missed it Monday: All About Comments

It's that time again...Missed It Monday.

But this isn't a knitting post...well, it's sort of a knitting-related post but in a very roundabout way. Anyway, some of you that may have visited my blog yesterday and left me a comment might have noticed that it took significantly longer than usual for those comments to actually post. If you've ever commented on my blog, you'll notice that it says something along the lines of "comment will post after blog owner approval." When I first started my blog (see that post right here), I had some initial problems with spam comments and the decision was made that I was willing to take the time to approve each and every comment to come through my box...not that it was difficult at first. No one really knew about the blog so there really wasn't anyone commenting.

But, I digress...

Sundays are normally spent in our jammies, watching movies, eating food, and being generally lazy (with Husband and I frequenting our laptops). I would have had ample time to visit my blog frequently and approve comments throughout the day. In the case of yesterday, we were going to see Husband's aunt & uncle and that branch of the family for grandma's going away party. But, sadly, that just isn't what happened...

After Little Man having far too much of his bottle formula/milk mixture on Saturday night (seriously, the kid took 11.5 oz. in a little over an hour, and then another 7 oz about 7 hours later), he decided to puke all over himself, his crib, his sheets, his blankets, and Tigger around 4:30am. It required a full bedding change and wardrobe change and cleaning him up...and removal of Tigger so he could be cleaned, as well. Poor kid. Some of the puke got in his eyes and it just wasn't good. I gave him another bottle and he only took 1.5 oz...which is very odd for him. But, he went back to sleep and we called it good. He's done it before where he'll just puke once and that's it.

Not so, this time.

We got up yesterday morning, had a bath, and went to eat breakfast. While Little Man was sitting in his high chair, he decided that it was time to puke again. I hadn't even fed him breakfast yet! It required a full wardrobe change and cleaning up the high chair. We started wondering if he wasn't getting sick......Husband called his aunt & uncle to let them know we weren't going to make it for grandma's going away party because Little Man was puking. After cleaning him up, I fed him breakfast (applesauce - something not too heavy)...and he proceeded to puke all that up within five minutes.

So, after a call to the metabolic doctor on call and throwing things into bags, I took Little Man up to the emergency room at University Hospital/Children's Hospital (they share an ER). We got up there around 11:45am (Husband drove up separately). He had all sorts of tests run (liver function, his acyl-carnatines, blood sugar, etc) and was hooked up to an IV. He was acting normal throughout all of this (which is a good sign). Once the IV was in, we got him to take a little nap (maybe an hour). When he was woken up by his IV being done, we gave him another popsicle (he'd already had two before he fell asleep)...and then we were cleared to go (even though one of his liver function tests came back a little abnormal) until they took his blood sugar again. After the IV and three popsicles, it should have been significantly higher than 85...but it was only 85. It was actually lower than when we brought him in (it was 88 when we first got there). Soooooo......he was hooked back up to the IV for another two hours and he had another popsicle. Once his next IV was done, his blood sugar was 107 (which is high) and we were cleared to go. We got home around 6:30pm last night. Little Man had spent most of the day laying in a hospital bed or sitting on my lap, being a little cuddle bug.

We were instructed to go back to our "normal" routine...which I disagreed with and questioned (and subsequently did not follow). I put him on his "sick" routine (which is more feedings throughout the night, "light" food that shouldn't upset his stomach - popsicles, saltine crackers, juice, etc., and at any sign of him getting sick again, we're back to the hospital). So far, no puking but he hasn't had anything other than his formula/milk mixture, popsicles, and saltine crackers...he seems to be feeling okay. He's not quite as energetic as he normally is but he's still running around like a wound top.

Anyway, back to the original reason behind this post: because I didn't get home until later than we normally would have, I didn't get a chance to accept comments. So, all comments are now posted (they were all read and accepted)...hooray :)

And a word about comments: I don't (generally) reply to comments because I haven't figured out how to do direct replies to comments that don't come out as separate comments themselves...I suppose I could e-mail each individual commenter but I don't always have a way to do that.

So, I do read each and every comment and I appreciate them very much (so, please don't stop)...I just don't always get to reply :)


  1. I'm so sorry you're little man isn't feeling well. I hope he recovers quickly!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that, Renee.... poor little guy, I hope he starts to feel better soon!!

  3. I hope he gets better; he's such a trooper.
    My 19 month old godson just had his first visit to the ER last night. He tested positive for RSV. He had the croup last time. It totally sucks when little one suffers. :O(

  4. Strep is flying through down here. Half the family and (if parents are honest: that Attendance record is hard for some parents to let go of!) about a third of the kids in school. I hope it is nothing serious and that everything goes well.