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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Y5: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #34

Happy Sunday :)

As the Olympics are ending, so, too, is Ravellenics. Part of me is rather proud of myself and part of me is thinking, "really, that's it?" Oh well. Let's see what I'm talking about.

FOs (Finished Objects)
1. Fire Socks: started April 15, 2015; finished January 6, 2016
2. Nottingham for Stormageddon: started January 12, 2016; finished January 14, 2016
3. Design proposal for Fire Socks: started January 13, 2016; finished January 18, 2016
4. Purple merino/silk spinning (singles): started toward the end of Tour de Fleece (July 4-26, 2015); finished January 29, 2016
5. Nottingham for Little Man: started January 17, 2016; finished February 1, 2016
6. Swirl Hat: started December 16, 2015; finished February 4, 2016
7. Swatch for Marly Bird class at Stitches West: started January 8, 2016; finished February 7, 2016 (no project page)
8. Fire Socks design (the actual pattern writing & photography part): started February 6, 2016; finished February 12, 2016 (link to the preview; pattern went live on Saturday, April 2nd)
9. Mountains Beanie: started February 9, 2016; finished February 17, 2016
10. Rathmore: started February 25, 2016; finished March 4, 2016
11. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013; finished March 9, 2016
12. Creeper for Little Man: started March 4, 2016; finished March 10, 2016
13. Mother Bear Project #1: started February 22, 2016; finished March 12, 2016
14. Asshole Corriedale (spinning project): started March 23, 2016; finished March 24, 2016
15. Pacific Waves: started March 9, 2016; finished March 25, 2016
16. Freeport Vest Frogging: started March 29, 2016; finished March 29, 2016
17. Pacific Waves: started March 31, 2106; finished April 2, 2016
18. Vanilla Latte Socks: started November 19, 2015; finished April 6, 2016
19. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014; finished April 11, 2016
20. Pacific Waves: started April 3, 2016; finished April 15, 2016
21. Creeper Hat: started April 28, 2016; finished May 4, 2016
22: Finn & Suffolk blend (spinning): started April 1, 2016; singles finished May 27, 2016; plied May 31, 2016
23. Gex for Little Man: started April 8, 2016; finished June 5, 2016
24. Bridal Shower Lace Cloth: started June 20, 2016; finished June 27, 2016
25. TdF 1: 25%/25%/50% purple merino/silk & white merino (~ 540 yds; ~ 8 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started during TdF last year and finished the purple singles January 29, 2016; started the white last weekend, plied them on July 4, 2016
26. TdF 2: 25%/25%/50% leftover purple merino/silk & leftover kelly green merino (~ 20 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): leftover bits that were plied on July 4, 2016
27. TdF 3: 100% merino, 50% hot pink, 50% grey (~ 50 yds; ~ 1 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
28: TdF 4: 100% merino, 50% rose pink, 50% navy blue (~ 50 yds; ~ 1 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
29. TdF 5: 25%/25%/50% leftover purple merino/silk & leftover hot pink merino (~ 10 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): the purple was started during TdF last year and finished January 29, 2016; the hot pink was spun on July 5, 2016; they were plied on July 5, 2016
30. TdF 6: 100% merino, 50% leftover hot pink, 50% leftover navy blue (~ 10 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
31. TdF 7: 100% merino, rainbow gradient (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white) (~ 220 yds; ~ 4 oz; worsted): started July 5, 2016; finished July 6, 2016
32: TdF 8: 50/50 merino/tencel, Fat Cat Fibers in Razzmatazz (three different skeins: two skeins are three-ply, one is around 245 yds of worsted and the other is around 120 yds, also worsted; one skein is chain plied, probably also a worsted weight, about 25 yds): started July 8, 2016; finished July 12, 2016
33. TdF 9: 100% white merino (~ 446 yds two-ply, probably sport weight; ~ 15 yds Andean Ply, also around a sport weight): started July 15, 2016; finished July 18, 2016
34. TdF 10: Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon from Happy Hands Hand Dyed (~ 166 yds two-ply, probably Aran weight; ~ 14 yds Andean Plied, also Aran weight): started July 15, 2016; finished July 19, 2016
35. TdF 11: 60% BFL/40% Bombyx (Mulberry Silk) from Corgi Hill (~ 298 yds two-ply, probably DK/lt. worsted; ~ 25 yds Andean Plied, also DK/lt. worsted): started July 18, 2016; finished July 20, 2016
36: TdF 12: Unknown BFL, possibly from Yarn Hollow (~ 144 yds two-ply, probably Aran weight): started July 21, 2016; finished July 23, 2016
37. Rainbow Gradient Cowl: started August 5, 2016; finished August 6, 2016
38. Gex for Niece: started June 28, 2016; finished August 19, 2016

I finished up the little Gex sweater on Friday night. The knitting was finished during the day and then I was going to stay up and weave in all the ends, which did happen...but a few mishaps happened in between. More about that in a mo'.

WIPs (Works-In-Progress)
 - carried over year-to-year

1. Wink: started January 5, 2015
2. Caffe Macchiato Socks: started May 7, 2016
3. Corgi Hill Polwarth/Tussah blend (spinning): started July 21, 2016
4. Oh, She IS a Bad Nut: started August 11, 2016

Because Gex has been finished, most of my focus was on that project. However, I did manage a little bit on the Caffe Macchiato Socks and I finished up the first of the Polwarth/Tussah single.

This is also proof that I do, in fact, knit in public. I was sitting in my therapist's waiting room while I worked on this. The receptionist, who is just lovely, asked me what I was crocheting.


He got a lesson in the difference in a 100% non-snarky manner. He said that he learned something new and also now understands why all his aunts gave him funny looks when he mentioned their crocheting because they were, in fact, knitting.

In addition to KIP with the socks, I also did it with the Gex sweater.

I took both of those during Little Man's swimming lessons on Thursday. I was on the second sleeve and got to the halfway point on that sleeve while at swimming (yes, I'm anal retentive and counted my rows on the first sleeve and matched the number for the second sleeve).

And, because I already mentioned finishing the first single of the Polwarth/Tussah:

Now that the parts have come for my wheel and Ravellenics is over, I might get back around to finishing up the other half of this fiber. And then I have a bunch more I want to spin. I found so much of my spinning fiber while I went through yarn and fiber bins this past week...sweater quantities worth, in some cases. I think I have something like three pounds of a merino fiber in a bag, for example. That should be enough for a sweater, right?

I may have worked a couple rows on the shawl but Wink is firmly hiding in my WIP bag. I'll get back around to it soon enough.


Children's Items
1. George's Vest (for Stormageddon - probably the largest size; YOTH Little Brother from Stitches)
2. House Hat (one each for Stormageddon and Little Man - worsted, two contrasting colors)
3. Arthur the Alien (for Little Man - worsted; any colors)
4. Holiday Countdown Stockings (for the family - Aran/worsted; four colors)
5. Mirkwood (for Little Man - worsted or bulky; any colors)

Items for ME (selfish knitting, FTW!!)
1. Vanillaish Socks (using one of my Harry Potter Yarns)
2. Paradiddle Socks (using a solid or semi-solid sock yarn)
3. Hermione Hearts Ron (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
4. Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Mitts (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
5. Classic Silk Mayfaire Camisole (Miss Babs from Stitches Midwest)
6. Stormont (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
7. Sockhead Hat (sock; any colors)
8. Moab Shawl (sock; any colors)
9. Prowl (DK; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*

Secret Sock Club Bags - Pick a bag at random; do pattern with yarn
1. Scotch & Soda Scarf (using Briar Rose Fibers Wistful, leftover from my Icarus Shawl)
2. Jabberwonky (using KP Felici in Abracadabra)
3. If You Know Where To Go (using KP Felici in Green Veggies)
4. Gardener's Socks (using Malabrigo Sock in Indiacita)

Stranded Knitting
1. University of Wisconsin Ski Hat
2. University of Wisconsin Christmas Stocking
3. University of Wisconsin Button Beanie
4. Xanadu Snowflake Cowl

Christmas/Charity Bin
1. 198 yds. of Heaven (worsted; any colors)
2. Phillip and Mr. Grum (sock yarn; any colors)
3. Comfort Food (Aran; solid)
4. Fine Fella (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
5. November Leaves (Shelter from stash) *need pattern*
6. Skinner Hat (sock; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
7. The Shoemaker's Hat (bulky; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
8. Roll Out The Barrels (cotton; any colors)
9. Sweeny Todd Scarf (worsted; any colors)
10. The Snowmen Cometh (worsted; any colors)
11. Sunburst Dishcloth (cotton; any colors)
12. Starfish Cloth (cotton; any colors)
13. Seamless Circular Cloth (cotton; any colors)
14. Tombreck (Aran/worsted; solid or semi-solid)
15. Premie Spiral Hat (for hospital donations - sport or DK; any colors)

1. Ice Somethingsomething (knit prototype and pattern for submission)
2. Susan's Hat (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.; knit new prototype from Babs K2 from Stitches)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.)
4. Paradiddle Socks (knit prototype - see "Items for ME")
5. Pacific Waves Hat (knit prototypes in various weights/sizes, pattern for submission? self-publish?) *started*
6. Stormageddon's Baby Blanket (design process, knit prototype, etc.)

1. Given that TdF happened and I SPUN ALL THE YARNS, I think I'm going to take a break from spinning for a bit...Viktor needs a tune-up anyway. At least my parts have arrived.

Other (for things that are fibery/crafty in nature but not specific to knitting or spinning)
1. Organize my handmade stitch markers
2. Make more stitch markers (to sell? donate? hoard?)
3. Organize my books/magazines/loose patterns. *started*
4. Toss the stash (fiber & yarn). *started*

This week seems to have gone by in a total blur. It's completely understandable, given everything that has happened this week.

So, if you remember, Husband was out of town from Thursday until this past Monday night. His flight home was delayed so he actually didn't get home until 2:30am on Tuesday morning, Not a big deal, other than he was sick. The boys and I were fine while he was gone, which says a lot because they do so often drive me nuts. But, we had things planned and playdates and so on, which helped. 

On Tuesday, Husband worked from home (because he was sick and because he got in so late). The doctor's office back in Wisconsin called to tell him that, yes, he did have strep. They were surprised because the rapid and the 24-hour tests both came back negative. They then went on to tell him that the strain he had wasn't common in Wisconsin and is most commonly found in California. ::sigh:: Medication was acquired, and things are fine. Tuesday continued to be a busy day. In addition to doing stuff from Husband's trip (laundry, unpacking, etc.), there was a new parent PTA meeting (which counted toward an hour of our thirty volunteer hours), we found out which teacher Little Man was going to have, I picked up our registration packet, filled out a bunch of forms, bought Little Man some new t-shirts for school, got my fingerprinting done, and, most importantly, ate ice cream. It was a busy day. 

Wednesday meant the first day of Kindergarten for Little Man. We were up early, we walked to school, he met some of the other kids in his class, and then I had a coffee date with some of the other moms/dads at the cafe across the street from the school. 

Thursday found me requiring a mid-day nap, along with Stormageddon. It appears that he's gotten the summer cold, probably from someone at the school (already?!) so he's had some naps and coughing and snot and ibuprofen, in addition to errands with mama. Friday night, I was about ready to start getting him ready for bed. I was finishing my dinner and I heard a POP and what sounded like running water. This is what I found in the back room:

The above photos are what happens when a 5-gal keg of homemade rootbeer loses a spigot and rootbeer goes spraying everywhere. I did the only thing I could think of: I grabbed the 5-gal bucket the keg was sitting in and threw the entire thing into the shower/tub, tried to wedge the spewing hose into the bucket (to no avail, hence the spray all over the bathroom) and just let it run out. The ceiling, walls, the kegorator & shelving unit, the rug, the tile bathroom floor, the walls in the was a mess. We had to pull the shelving unit and the kegorator out so I could get the carpet washer out again to wash the carpet. I just did this a couple weeks ago for a similar keg infraction. ::sigh:: But, we caught it and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Don't get me wrong, it still wasn't fun. 

Saturday was a relatively lazy day. Actually, I wound up taking a three-hour nap because I wasn't feeling too well. But, other than that, Husband picked up his car, the boys got haircuts (well, Husband and Little Man), we had a breakfast picnic in the car while Husband was having his haircut, and we spent some time in the pool. Exciting times all around. Or not.

Here are a few photos from this past week, including Little Man's first day of Kindergarten :)

Little Man's first day of Kindergarten :)

Stormageddon found one of Daddy's fancy hats and decided to wear it around the house with his Tardis shit.

One of the things that happens in Montessori education is sewing. But it's not sewing in the traditional sense. It's learning the motions and works on fine motor control. They usually sew pictures of simple outlines. Little Man got a bug in his pants on Thursday and decided he wanted to sew a Tardis. So, he found paper that would work (watercolor paper), he drew the outline, I poked the holes and helped him string the needle (one of my blunt-end tapestry needles that I use to weave in ends and some of my embroidery thread), and he sewed a Tardis. He was very proud of himself.

You know Pokémon Go has taken over when you go to Target and discover one of the red balls out front has been painted to look like a Pokéball. The paint was still wet, though, so the boys couldn't climb on it.

Here are the boys, enjoying their donuts in the trunk of the car yesterday morning. Little Man obviously had his hair cut by this point. Stormageddon's hair is still long and flowing but it's not in his eyes, so I'm not cutting it. Someday.

Short hair and a chocolate face. I call that a success :)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I may not be so vocal this week. If you missed it, this past week, I had my mid-month goals update, one stash enhancement update, one club update, and my blogiversary post :) 


  1. Funny. As a crocheter I'm often asked what I'm knitting. I understand someone calling crochet knitting - knitting is just a more familiar term (I mean, seriously... who's never heard of knitting?). I'm surprised, though, when people call knitting crochet. It's just not as everyday of a word as knitting. Happy back to school for Little Man. He looks ready. Hope your DH gets to feeling better soon. And hopefully you'll not have many (any?) more messes with the beer making apparatus.

  2. I hope you all feel better this week and have a slightly more restful week than last! Yay on finishing gex and the spinning looks great.

  3. You are such a great mom to your boys. Always have activities for them and yet, you find crafting time. You amaze me.

  4. Oh no, poor husband for getting strep, that's no fun. At least the rest of you didn't get it, althoigh poor little man too for getting a cold. Love seeing that happy rainbow sock, and hooray for (gently) schooling strangers on knitting!