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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wow, that Jelly Bean Parrot is HUGE!

The title of this entry has nothing to do with my topic...except that I was looking (okay, I was staring) at the freshwater fish tank in the living room when I was writing this (which, admittedly, is 10:20pm on Tuesday night). We have a orange-yellow Jelly Bean Parrot Fish and he's HUGE! Seriously, he's a big fish.

But that's not what this post is about.

It's about WIP Wednesday :)

The end is in sight for Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket. I worked on it Tuesday afternoon and I've decided that nine full repeats of the pattern plus the extra rows and the border rows will make it plenty big for Little Man. So....I'm working on the "extra rows" right now...if I added correctly, I have 34 rows left before I can bind off, wash, block, and present said blanket to the aforementioned Little Man. The end is nigh! But, seriously, it'll probably take me a few more days, if not longer, to finish the knitting part, at least. I wouldn't expect a FO Friday post about it this week., don't expect it. I can't handle that pressure.

I'm currently on the fifteenth repeat (out of twenty-five) on the second of my Skyp Socks. I might get to the heel flap soon...but it probably won't be finished for another couple of weeks. It depends on how often I work on it. It's going well, though :)

Other than that, my WIP list is pretty much the same. I'm still working on my Vanilla Socks and my Lothlorien Hat (the pattern hasn't been released yet).

Oh, and I was naughty and ordered more yarn...sock yarn, specifically. One of the blogs I read informed all of us readers about a sale that her shop is having...and I went and pre-ordered the eight skein set. I think I'm going to Hell. Just sayin'...I had a brief Doctor Who moment with this yarn (specifically the yarns attached to Sunflowers and Starry Night - two of my favorites) but that's not why I ordered it. Opal Sock Yarn is a lovely self-striping yarn and one can never have enough :) Or maybe we can...sock yarn doesn't count as stash.

In the "normal" events of my life, my back has been killing me. Husband thinks it's due to the hide-a-bed we slept in at his brother's place and it's just now catching up with me. I think it's a combination of that, going to the chiropractor, improper lifting of Little Man, and general laziness. I've always had issues with my back but it's gotten to the point where I could hardly walk, sit, stand, lay, bend, or otherwise move or remain stationary. I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Monday. I had some leftover narcotics from my c-section and normally, those just make me sleepy...but I wasn't sleepy and the pain became a little more tolerable. You can imagine how much pain I've been in. The doctor thinks it's probably muscular and gave me more narcotics and a muscle relaxer. We'll see...

Anyway, for more WIP Wednesday love, go visit Tami's blog :)

And now, a gratuitous picture of Little Man...

Mama, the hat Nana Laurel made is too small....


  1. Fantastic picture! I love his expression. Hope your back heals up quickly and your blanket wraps up soon!

  2. Sorry your back is bothering you. Baby yourself when you can. Yes, sometimes we mums pick up our babies slightly twisted or w/our back which causes those muscles to scream out.
    What a funny hat!
    8 skein sock yarn set? You go sister!