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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mid-Month Goals: December!

Happy mid-December! As it's the middle of the month, it's time to revisit goals for this month....

1. Work on the following (and maybe finish one or two of): Snape's StockingsWinkDragon's Egg SocksPacific ShawlFire & Ice (Fire) Socks, (second) Maple Slouch Hat, and Bunny.
2. Spin some of the merino/silk rolags.
3. Try to partake in a fibery endeavor every day.
4. Yarn Diet Train. Christmas and club yarns and such don't count, of course.
5. Work on some designs (Ice Socks, unknown shawl/wrap, etc.).
6. Anything else that tickles my fibery fancy (starting a new project, destashing, book destashing, organizing, etc.).

Well. I bound off my Pacific Shawl last night, the second Maple Slouch Hat is finished and sees quite a bit of wear, and Stormageddon's bunny is finished, wrapped, and under our Christmas tree. I'd call that a BIG WIN. I've also worked a bit on my Fire Socks. 

Spinning has not happened. Fibery endeavors....yeah, that hasn't really happened either. 

Otherwise, I'm just keeping on keeping on :)

1. Work in Stormageddon's room.
2. Work in Little Man's room.
3. Gym. Or some other form of exercise.
4. Finish Christmas shopping & wrapping.
5. Get the boys' Christmas photos done.
6. Get Christmas cards printed & sent.
7. Keep working on the weight loss shit (thank you, Lose It app for doing the math and such for me).
8. Keep up on the pseudo bullet journal thingie I'm doing.
9. Read something that is in the form of a book.
10. Work on my recipe journal.

I've finished Christmas shopping & wrapping, photos are done, and cards are printed. I'm still working on addressing the envelopes and such, however. I'm also trying to keep up going to the gym at least twice a week, but I need to go more :( 

Otherwise, not much else has been done. Cleaning is almost impossible with Stormageddon and Little Man underfoot. It's like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos. I'm going to have to get some done this week, however, as we're having a BBQ on Sunday......probably on Thursday :) 

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday :)

Proof that it's been bound off!


  1. Yay on another project off the needles.

  2. congrats on getting all your Christmas stuff done! I'm woefully behind this year. And twice a week to the gym during the chaos of December is still pretty good!